You will be shocked after seeing these Kpop idols’ ID photos


(KPOPLINE) – With their beautiful and good-looking appearances, these Kpop idols don’t need to worry if their ID photos at high school are posted on the Internet.

1. Yoona- SNSD

Goddess Beauty YoonA is really confident to show her unedited ID photo, proving her natural beauty. She still looks the same as she was in high school.

2. JungKook- BTS

With big eyes and rough face, Jungkook looks no different with this ID photo.

3. Seolhyun – AOA

New generation goddess Seolhyun from AOA makes fans admire her beauty through her photos at high school.

Here is the reason why many of fan boys have fallen in love with her

4. JinWoo- WINNER

When he was 17-18 years old, he already had a high nose and handsome face.

There is no different between Jinwoo in the past and at the moment

5. Yoojung- Weki Meki

Lovely girl Yoojung from Weki Meki impressed people when she was a candidate at Produce 101. She also attracted fans’ attention by her ID photo at high school.

She looked like a Korean ulzzang.

6. Chanyeol –EXO

Chanyeol was famous at high school thanks to his perfect body and face. This ID photo was the proof for it.

7. Nayeon- TWICE

When she was in high school, she impressed every one with her bright smile.

8. Cha Eunwoo –ASTRO

New generation visual – Eunwoo looked perfect in this photo.

9. Krystal- F(x)

“Ice girl” Krystal (F(x)) looked stunning in her ID photo.

10. Jinyoung – B1A4

Jinyoung still looked handsome in his school’s yearbook.


L proved that he didn’t need to use any photo editing software to take his ID photo.


Lee Min Ho and Yoona making a nice couple in these advertising images

(KPOPLINE) – Sometimes they also makes the audience think they are dating

Lee Minho and Yoona always bring intimate photos that make the audience think they are really dating. Many fans also support if Lee Minho and Yoona intend to be together. Collaborating on a variety of product advertising and branding projects, Lee Minho and Yoona have become Korea’s most beautiful couple ‘in-advertise’. That’s why they are still the representative of Innisfree Cosmetics Inc over many years. The beauty of “Goddess” Yoona couple with “hot boy” Lee Minho makes the audience think that they are dating.

Lee Minho and Yoona usually co-operate in the product advertising projects and as the couple advertise, every product is selling well.

They took pictures extremely well and sympathize deeply with each other

Many fans just want Yoona and Lee Minho to annouce their dating 

No matter what the moment, they still looks as natural as a real date couple

Sometimes Lee Minho and Yoona made the audience “forget” they also had their darling.

They didn’t hesitate to hug together

Lee Minho and Yoona become a representative of cosmetic brands Innisfree

For many years they have become the embassadors, and the brand itself does not want to invite other idols because the combination of Lee Minho and Yoona is perfect

In the collaboration of the short film Summer Love, the couple really made the audience fall in love with their cuteness 

They also creates a sweet and warm scene

Despite only two short episodes, fans are also crazy about them

His sentiments towards her are quite precious

The behind-the-scenes photos were released by Innisfree fans. Now just hope couples have a dating rumor

Whether it’s a winter or summer concept, the audiences are also feeling that they witness each other over the years Lee Minho and Yoona are dating through Innisfree.

It turned out that since debut, Lee Minho and Yoona have met each other and have such lovely shy moments.

Looking at these pictures, do you suspect that they have had feelings for each other since then?  

Do you think that Lee Minho and Yoona would really make a nice couple?


Female idols that symbol everybody’s ‘first loves’

(KPOPLINE) – First love is the most unforgettable memories in each person. It seems that the memory are kept in the heart. These goddesses are the “first love” that people have to evoke fond remembrances


Kpop’s muse is so sweet and pure so that everyone wants to look at her forever.

IU’s vocal bring sweetness and softness

She makes people feel like she needs our love and protection, and of course, she deserves that.

IU is as sweet as a candy. Even though if you can’t relate her as your first love, you can still see her as your younger sister. That’s why she’s called ‘National Younger Sister’ of Korea.


Taking a role as a ‘first love’ of the main actor, which brought huge success, Suzy has become the ‘National First Love’ since then, and people seem to keep fond of her without doubt.

Suzy becomes more and more beautiful through the days

Beside owning a sweet and warm voice, Suzy’s name is also mentioned in the field of film and advertising.

Talented and beautiful, Suzy is very popular with Koreans and succeeded at a very young age


Being considered the next generation of Suzy, Sana owns a bright and fresh beauty

She owns large round eyes, high nose, Sana’s beauty is harmonious and gentle

Sana’s beauty is like a princess from a comic book

Sana is selected as one of the most popular girlfriends in Korea


Chaeyeon’s “hidden germ” was discovered in Produce 101

Her sweet smile has infatuated many guys

Chaeyeon is the symbol of beauty for new generation female idols. Her beauty is sweet but mischievous at the same time

Chaeyeon looks like a blossoming flower that many people also want to cherish.


With porcelain white skin, pink cheekbones, attractive lips, Sulli is also called a ‘peach’.

Sulli’s sweet smile is her most enchanting weapon

Sulli has always been a great aspiration and is represented by many famous brands

Despite her ‘mischevious’ actions on SNS, people can’t help falling for her charming beauty