Watching BTS Performing [Spring Day] ive on Stage, Wanna One`s Lee Daehwi Couldn`t Help But to Shed Tears


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Back on ‘2017 Melon Music Awards,’ fans spotted something surprising during BTS’ performance of ‘Spring Day’ on the stage. Just like the other artists, Lee Daehwi, who came to the event together with his group, Wanna One, sat on the idols’ bench and watched the performance. 

As soon as BTS started to sing the song, Lee Daehwi’s eyes got teary and he wiped his tears. Many believed that the lyrics of the song reminded him to his late father, who passed away when he was a child. 

I miss you

When I say that, I miss you more

I’m looking at your photo

But I still miss you

Time is so cruel

I hate us

Now it’s hard to even see each other’s faces

– BTS’ ‘Spring Day’

Check out the video above to know more!


MBLAQ`s G.O Reported to Be in Relationship with Actress Choi Yeseul

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On January 2nd, media outlets report on MBLAQ G.O and actress Choi Yeseul’s dating. According to the reports, the two have been in love for over five months. It is also claimed that the idol is close with Choi Yeseul’s family and often sees them.

Currently, G.O is in the middle of his mandatory military service as a public service worker. It was reported that the two traveled to Japan together back in November 2017 and spent this past Christmas together.


MONSTA X`s Shownu Got Shy After Fans Praised Him and This was What He Responded Them with

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MONSTA X was having their pre-recording when a fan called out, “Shownu-yah!” which the member responded, “Oh?” In coming was a praise that went, “You’re handsome!” making Shownu extremely shy that was shown clearly through his expression.

Image Source: Youtube ‘션러버shownlover’ Screenshot 

He thought about it for a moment before going, “We have to do the recording…” which has no relation to the praise thrown to him. Jooheon replied in place for Shownu and teased him, “He really likes it.”

Image Source: Youtube ‘션러버shownlover’ Screenshot 

Watch the moment in the video above!


Krystal Bids Farewell to 2017 with an Adorable Young Photo of Hers + Park Shinhye`s Comment

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Krystal uploaded a young picture of her in two ponytails with the caption, “Go well 2017 bye” to greet the new year.

Not only were fans smiling to this picture, actress Park Shinhye can’t help but to leave a comment under the post.

Image Source: Instagram ‘vousmevoyez’ Screenshot

The actress commented, “Heol (Wow) Extremely cute ㅎㅎ” which Krystal cutely responded, “Hee Eonni Happy New Year (heart).”
It’s definitely nice to see their interaction anytime.

BLACKPINK Got Themselves a New Fan Site?

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BLACKPINK and WINNER attended the ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon,’ that was held on December 25th. All artists regathered on stage for the ending when WINNER’s Mino could be seen with his beloved camera in his hand. Spotting his junior group, he snapped a picture of the BLACKPINK members on stage.

Image Source: Youtube ‘Love everythingKpop‘ Screenshot

The picture was then uploaded onto BLACKPINK’s official Instagram account and he once again, showed his talented photography skills.

Watch the ‘shooting’ that took place at the event in the video above!