Top Fansites Of K-pop Idols With A Large Amount Of Followers


EXO and BTS are not only famous bands around the world, but also have huge fan bases. And here are the fansites that have biggest amount of followers.

1. Fansite of JungKook (BTS) – “SNOWPEACH”

The youngest boy of BTS, JungKook with fansite named “SNOWPEACH” hold No1 on the fansite chart with 1,5 million followers.

2. Fansite of Sehun (EXO) – “IRIDESCENT BOY”

The No.2 is maknae Sehun of EXO with fansite called “IRIDESCENT BOY”. It has reached 983,000 followers. With a good-looking face and funny character, Sehun is like the prince in every girl’s dream.

3. Fansite of Jimin (BTS) – “JAMJAM”

Fansite “JAMJAM” of “mochi” Jimin ranks No.3 with 849,000 followers. He does not only own great voice but also conquers fans with his fabulous dancing skills and cuteness. This is the reason why his fansite always has a huge amount of followers.

4. Fansite of JungKook (BTS) – “MADE IN 1997”

Fans admire our golden maknae a lot. Therefore, his second fansite “MADE IN 1997” also holds No.4 with 801,000 followers.

5. Fansite of V (BTS) – “TAETAELAND”

Number 5 is the fansite of V “TAETAELAND” with 719,000 followers. “TAETAELAND” is also as strong as the other fansites when we see  a bunch of events and presents they spent on V’s birthday.

6. Fansite of Kai (EXO) – “Mr. Destiny”

“Mr. Destiny” is extremely popular with the EXO fan community, with 677,000 followers.

7. Fansite of ChanYeol (EXO) – “Chanyeolit”

The rapper of EXO – ChanYeol also attracts  fans with his great voice and cute character. And “Chanyeolit” – his Fansite officially hold No.7 with 632,000 followers.

8. Fansite of JungKook (BTS) – “hi_springjk”

JungKook’s third fansite is “hi_springjk” with 630,000 followers. He usually updates his photos and his fansite has attracted a huge amount of followers.

9. Fansite of Beakhyun (EXO) – “SEE THE LIGHT”

Next up we have “SEE THE LIGHT” of Beakhyun with 589,000 followers ranked No.9.

10. Fansite of Sehun (EXO) – “HyperBeat”

The last position on top 10 is Sehun EXO’s Fansite with 560,000 followers. This is the second fansite of the youngest member of EXO to make this list.

Cr: kpopline