Top 10 Most Impressing K-pop Modern Schoolboy Concepts


As we all know, the schoolboy outfit is one of the most popular go-to concepts for many K-pop boy groups. Korea’s longstanding tradition of wearing mandatory uniforms attests to the fact that this is an aesthetic choice often tied to messages of youth and contingency.

1. EXO – Growl

First off, it would almost be a sin to leave out EXO’s “Growl” as one of the prime examples of the classic schoolboy concept. The grey suit-turned-uniform outfits look clean and coherent without much extra fringe, except for some light accessories and a few snapbacks donned here and there. United as one, and not trying to appear too conspicuous as ‘wolfmen,’ these boys imprinted an exciting paradox to the year of 2013 with their catchy song, concept, and M/V outfit for the “Growl” sensation.

2. BTS – Boy In Luv

Another signature schoolboy concept is, of course, BTS’s “Boy In Luv.” Contrasted with EXO’s clean-cut formal styles, BTS often wore a modernized version of Korea’s more traditional uniforms.

3. NU’EST – Face

Because the school concept naturally asks for youthful visuals, a lot of groups choose the schoolboy look when they are rookies. As one of the earlier examples of this generation’s boy groups, NU’EST had also debuted with a schoolboy concept back in 2012.

4. The Boyz – Boy

Fresh, diverse, and full of interesting details, the outfits for “Boy” present a schoolboy look that showcases all types of schools and clubs.

5. ASTRO – Confession

With the third single “Confession,” the boys showed off with their school uniforms that are very friendly and sociable.

6. SEVENTEEN – Mansae

To present a balanced look of twelve boys shining under the name “Seventeen,” the uniforms that they chose looked exceptionally fresh and dynamic. Often designed with plaid, the uniforms truly evoked a sense of old-fashioned nostalgia with the modern playfulness of today.

7. NCT Dream – My First and Last

With shorts, long socks, and shoulder pads, the main outfits for “My First and Last” depict how these boys are trying hard to grow up fast, giving their utmost best to impress their school teacher they all have a crush on.

8. SF9 – Easy Love

For SF9’s “Easy Love” the intention of the schoolboy-like uniforms in their M/V doesn’t seem to have any links to specific school-related themes. However, the group had explained previously that this song is about the digital love of the younger generation of today, reflecting those who break up and makeup too ‘easily’ through text messages and emails.


Just like NCT Dream, the members of TRCNG are also still in school, with all of them being 00-liners or younger. Their main outfits actually look more like regal suits than school uniforms, though, verging on the line between boy scout looks and royal officers.

10. Golden Child – DamDaDi

As the golden rookies of this year, the jumpy choreography for “DamDaDi” perfectly matched these cute gym class looks with bright smiles on their innocent faces. The clothes alone made everyone give them a second look, a refreshing visual that helped us cope with a hot summer with an overflow of energetic and youthful vibes.