Times when rap lines and vocal lines bravely switch parts in their popular songs

These songs have been remade in the funniest way where rap lines start to sing and vocal lines do rapping.

K-pop fans are familiar with songs which are split into several lines for the members to ensure that any members can show off their unique talent. But when the members actively change the line with each other, the great songs that fans listen to every day will become much funnier in the way you can’t ever imagine.


MV “Adore U” with the version of part switching randomly. You can’t know who are in charge of whose parts, the center position can change at any time.

With Mansae, this ‘technique’ is more unified but “line switching” seems to be SEVENTEEN’s hobby. Even though they focus on the dance performance, they don’t forget to steal other members’ positions


Not stopping at changing in the dance moves, EXID girls are brave enough to switch roles in singing.

When “Night rather than day” is edited “too much”. EXID members are quite distinctive in their vocals, so when they change lines, “Night rather than day” from a glamorous song has become really… hilarious.

With “DDD”, the line changes have more investment when the members do not have to sing live anymore, they have recorded in advance. But it even helped the girls have more chance to “flirt” when trying to force their voice to resemble each other.

3. GOT7

Although they rarely changed the line but once GOT7 has changed, Ahgase has the opportunity to laugh really hard.

The boys started with changing their choreography. Although the dance is stabilized in the first few seconds, GOT7’s expression is no less than when performing on stage

And when they came to the fansign, “Hard Carry” changed to a completely new version when rapper line and vocal line changed for each other. The mischevious characters of 7 boys has made fans burst into laugh


When TWICE change their lyric lines, fans always feel surprised and excited. The most recent switch is Likey at MBC’s year-end music festival

This performance is the end of the year that TWICE donated to the fans. Despite changing positions, the girls still accomplished

5. BTS

This is the highlight of this article, where BTS rap line tries their best to perform vocal line’s part in ‘I Need You’, which made both members and fans have a great time laughing.

Perhaps A.R.M.Y will never forget this enthusiastic version of ‘I Need U’

Song Jae Rim confirmed to join Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seop in new JTBC drama

Song Jae Rim has been confirmed to star alongside Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seop in JTBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Clean With Passion For Now” (literal title)!

Song Jae Rim has been confirmed to star alongside Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seop in JTBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Clean With Passion For Now” (literal title)!

Based on a popular webtoon, “Clean With Passion For Now” follows the story between Gil Oh Sol (played by Kim Yoo Jung), who prioritizes survival over cleanliness, and excessively clean Jang Sun Kyul (played by Ahn Hyo Seop), who is also the CEO of a cleaning company.

Song Jae Rim will be joining the drama as a new character that was not originally included in the webtoon. He will be playing Mr. Choi, a mysterious man who lives on the rooftop of Oh Sol’s house, but his real name and career are unknown. A free-spirited soul, Mr. Choi is known for his good looks, and will form a love triangle with Gil Oh Sol and Jang Sun Kyul.

Song Jae Rim shared his excitement for the drama, saying, “Through my character Mr. Choi, I want to converse calmly with the viewers and share our concerns. I think that communication itself is a good cure for worries. I will greet you all soon through ‘Clean With Passion For Now.’ Please look forward to it.”

The production team of “Clean With Passion For Now” revealed, “There was a lot of interest in the casting as the drama is an adaptation of a popular webtoon. The synchronization between Kim Yoo Jung, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Song Jae Rim—who will play a new character—will show viewers different charms from those of the webtoon. Please look forward to the chemistry and synergy between the three actors.”

Clean With Passion For Now” will air its first episode in April following the conclusion of “Waikiki.”

Source: Soompi

12 Korean stars who are beautiful in daily life, except for whenever they appear in historical dramas

Dressing in traditional costumes, these Korean actors often receive such comments like they are unsuitable for historical movies.

Not only dramas set in modern background, but also historical dramas of Korea received a lot of attention of audiences. Many stars wear hanbok on movie, however, not all of them can the traditional styles. Here are twelve stars who have “modern” faces so they are not suitable for historical dramas.

1. Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul is so perfect with modern films …

But she is voted as the most unsuitable actress for historical movies.

In a survey back in 2012, Han Ye Seul was voted as the most unsuitable actress for historical movies. With this result, star of 20th Century Boy and Girl laughed bitterly: “When I heard this new, my mood was not happy.” Han Ye Seul is considered one of the most beautiful females in Korea. However, her beauty is too modern.

2. Kim Ah Joong

Kim Ah Joong’s modern image in “Live Up to Your Name”.

In the meantime, this is her ancient style when she returned to the past.

Last October, actress of “200 Pounds Beauty” Kim Ah Joong shared in an interview that she was rarely invited to act in historical movies because she is not suitable for wearing hanbok. In the latest drama Live Up to Your Name, Kim Ah Joong is a doctor in modern Seoul who travels to the past. This is a chance for audiences to see this beauty wearing historical costume and it is true that she is somehow unsuitable for this kind of drama.

3. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho – a modern prince of many girls.

And when he acts in historical dramas..

Lee Min Hoo’s big face in comparison to the standard of historical dramas makes him look pretty “rough” when wearing a Joseon outfit in Legend Of The Blue Sea. Before that, he acted in movie Faith, which was set in the Goryeo period.

4. Kim Ji Won

Detective K: Secret of the Bloodsucking Demon, part 3 of the hit movie Detective K is Kim Ji Won’s first historical drama. When her character form was revealed, many viewers were surprised. Kim Ji Won also owns a modern beauty, which make her appearance not so excellent as in her earlier projects: The Heirs, Descendants Of The Sun, Third -Rate My Way.

5. Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin received an invitation to star in The Scholar Who Walks the Night. However, until now, he has not had a historical character yet. Like Lee Min Ho, Park Hae Jin’s face is unsuitable for historical dramas. Is he still attached to modern character?

6. Seo Hyun Jin

Seo Hyun Jin’s acting career include many historical movies: The Duo, Goddess of Fire, The Three Musketeers, etc. Besides many praises for her beauty, many viewers said that sharp lines on her face makes her lose “historical temperament”.

7 – 12. Straight hair male lineup in “Hwarang”

Haunting shapes of “Hwarang”

When Hwarang was on air, many audiences sighed because the actors’ hairstyle was something wrong. Even some people said that none of these six flower boys: Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, Minho, V, Do Ji Han, Jo Yoon Woo was suitable for Shilla costume. There are several fans who blamed the stylists for this closet malfunction.