Three Kpop ‘symbols’ with 4-dimensional personalities that noone can understand what’s on their mind

Let’s see what are their “weird” habits!

1. Sana

With her lovely and cute appearance, Sana is also loved by many fans due to her funny and weird personality.

She showed off her 4D personality when she joined “Sixteen” survival show. When asked to predict winner of the show, Sana unexpectedly gave an unrelated answer: “I just want to eat ice cream.” She also chose to make summer roll shrimp while other members sang or danced on the show.

Sana likes imitating squirrel’s sound and its facial expressions.

Sana usually takes anything around her and pretends to give it into members’ noses. The most frequent victim of this joke is Tzuyu. She also likes to express her feelings to other members with kisses.

2. V (BTS)

There was a time, V asked someone to give him a glass of water. However when that person came back, he already fell asleep.

V also has statements that both BTS and fans cannot understand. One of his craziest questions is, “Is there ever a sound coming out of the birds that are not their singing? Maybe they are screaming because they are scared of heights.”

On a reality show, Suga talked about his member’s “madness”: “At first, I thought he just pretended to do it, but I was wrong. He was like a creature from outer space. He should come back to his own planet.”

1. Kim Hee Chul

Hee chul is known as “universe star” for his weird personality and statements.

He is very confident about his beauty, and said “I am very handsome.” No Kpop idols can call themselves as “universe star” to show off their personalities like Hee Chul.

He is also a rare idol to have “ajumma hair”. On social networking sites, fans kept asking him to change his hairstyle but he didn’t care about it. Not only that, Hee Chul also posted his long hair photos on the social network to tease fans.

Hee Chul sometimes criticizes his agency – SM Entertainment, and says “Go YG. Go JYP.” On variety shows.

He is the first idol to imitate his president’s voice. Shortly after his debut, Hee Chul imitated Lee Soo Man’s voice, making his manager and the agency shock about it. Later, he even called the president and said “I imitated your voice, sir. It sounded great”. In addition, Kim Hee Chul is also the only one who stood in front of the SM building to play the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and challenged both Lee Soo Man and CEO Kim Young Min.

Fans caught Irene (Red Velvet) shivering due to the cold weather at ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’

Fans take many photos of Irene ‘s ‘heartbreaking’ image when she shivered in coldness, holding many heating bags to keep her body warm.

On January 15th, many idols gathered in Goyang Gymnasium, Gyeonggi Province to filming the special performance for Lunar New Year 2018 of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

The famous groups in KPOP such as Red Velvet, TWICE, GFriend, BTOB, VIXX, SEVENTEEN and many other groups participated in the recording. Many photos recording the happy atmosphere that fans reveal through social networking sites and online forums, get the public’s attention. And, some photos show Irene (Red Velvet) sitting on the porch, wearing thin costume in cold weather.

Wearing thin sport colthes, the female idol is shivering, holding several heating bags to keep warm.

Many girl groups have worn thick warm coat to come to recording because of the low temperature. Although this is an indoor stadium but its heating system is not enough to protect idols from cold weather. Seeing this photos, netizens expressed concern about Irene:  “Isn’t she cold wearing that thin clothes?

However, Irene still express her professional attitude with a bright smile in this photo and although the quality is not good but she looks extremely beautiful with black ponytail which makes many fans fluttered.

Besides Irene, many other idols also covered their blankets during breaks

“Idol Star Athletics Championships” also used to be criticized due to the extreme games that caused idols such as Moon Byul (MAMAMOO), Xiumin (EXO) and Jin (BTS) to be injured on the show. This is the reason why employees should be more cautious in this year’s program and has a permanent medical team. However, it seems to create another problem has appeared when bad weather conditions effect to idols’ health and make fans worried.

A netizen spots Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA going for a drive on Jeju Island

PV, 18-01-2018
On January 17, a netizen revealed he/she had spotted singer Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generation member YoonA on Jeju Island.

On January 17, a netizen revealed he/she had spotted singer Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generationmember YoonA on Jeju Island.

The photos captured Lee Hyori bursting with laughter while singing energetically into a microphone.  Meanwhile, YoonA can be seen driving behind the wheel, beaming, working as a part-timer on JTBC’s ‘Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast‘ Season 2.

The netizen explained, “I saw Hyori and YoonA together on Jeju Island. Filming the second season of ‘Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast’, hoping for the best!” and shared photos via social media.

Previously, the idol singer was spotted grocery shopping with Lee Sang Soon for the variety program.

The second season of Lee Hyori’s reality series is scheduled to air during the first half of 2018.  Stay tuned!


Actor Jeon Tae Soo passed away, sister Ha Ji Won cancels all upcoming scheduled activities

Actor Jeon Tae Soo, who is also the younger brother of actress Ha Ji Won, has passed away.

His agency Haewadal Entertainment released an official statement on January 21 that read, “Jeon Tae Soo has left this earth on January 21 at age 34. He had been undergoing continued treatment for his depression, and up till recently, we were in detailed discussions about him making his return to acting as his condition had improved greatly. His family and friends are in deep mourning following the sudden news.”

They continued, “Jeon Tae Soo was extremely passionate about acting and was a pure artist who was talented in other fields as well, such as art. We sincerely request that people refrain from publishing speculative articles or writing malicious comments about the late actor.”

Finally, the agency concluded by stating that the family plans to hold a quiet funeral for Jeon Tae Soo, with only his family and close acquaintances in attendance. They requested, “In order to give Jeon Tae Soo a respectful farewell, we sincerely request that reporters do not appear at the funeral.”

Following the news of her brother’s passing, actress Ha Ji Won has cancelled all of her upcoming public appearances to be with her family.

The actress had been planning to attend the press conference for her new film “Manhunt” on January 22, as well as a round of interviews and movie screening on January 24. The film’s staff has confirmed that they have cancelled all of Ha Ji Won’s upcoming promotional activities for the film.

We offer our deepest condolences to the family.

Source: Soompi

Lee Min Ho and Yoona making a nice couple in these advertising images

(KPOPLINE) – Sometimes they also makes the audience think they are dating

Lee Minho and Yoona always bring intimate photos that make the audience think they are really dating. Many fans also support if Lee Minho and Yoona intend to be together. Collaborating on a variety of product advertising and branding projects, Lee Minho and Yoona have become Korea’s most beautiful couple ‘in-advertise’. That’s why they are still the representative of Innisfree Cosmetics Inc over many years. The beauty of “Goddess” Yoona couple with “hot boy” Lee Minho makes the audience think that they are dating.

Lee Minho and Yoona usually co-operate in the product advertising projects and as the couple advertise, every product is selling well.

They took pictures extremely well and sympathize deeply with each other

Many fans just want Yoona and Lee Minho to annouce their dating 

No matter what the moment, they still looks as natural as a real date couple

Sometimes Lee Minho and Yoona made the audience “forget” they also had their darling.

They didn’t hesitate to hug together

Lee Minho and Yoona become a representative of cosmetic brands Innisfree

For many years they have become the embassadors, and the brand itself does not want to invite other idols because the combination of Lee Minho and Yoona is perfect

In the collaboration of the short film Summer Love, the couple really made the audience fall in love with their cuteness 

They also creates a sweet and warm scene

Despite only two short episodes, fans are also crazy about them

His sentiments towards her are quite precious

The behind-the-scenes photos were released by Innisfree fans. Now just hope couples have a dating rumor

Whether it’s a winter or summer concept, the audiences are also feeling that they witness each other over the years Lee Minho and Yoona are dating through Innisfree.

It turned out that since debut, Lee Minho and Yoona have met each other and have such lovely shy moments.

Looking at these pictures, do you suspect that they have had feelings for each other since then?  

Do you think that Lee Minho and Yoona would really make a nice couple?