Recent Photos Of BLACKPINK Lisa Reveal Her Goddess-Like Body Proportions


BLACKPINK Lisa‘s latest Instagram post is all the rave because she blessed her fans with some beautiful unedited shots.

Dressed in a pink frilly shirt, snake-skin skirt, fluffy fur coat with fishnet stockings, Lisa was looking drop dead gorgeous~ She also uploaded another behind the scenes shot, where she looked like a doll come to life!






The President Of Korea Couldn’t Stop Crying While Watching This New Korean Movie

He couldn’t stop himself from crying.

A new film, titled 1987: When The Day Comes, is making waves in South Korea that even left President Moon Jae In in tears while watching it.

It is a powerful film about the democratic movement that’s a must watch if you want to know more about how democracy sprung in South Korea, amidst one of its darkest times. It’s also filled with top Korean actors like Kim Yoon SeokHa Jung Woo, and Kang Dong Won.

Source: Yonhap News

The year 1987 was a year of chaos and confusion in South Korea. The democratic movement was sparked by the torturous death of a University student, which then called for the end of the then military-backed government.

After the film screening, President Moon shared his personal thoughts and experience from the era. He himself played a major role as a human rights lawyer at the time. He was also part of a pro-democracy campaign a decade before the country was under rule by dictator Park Chung Hee, so the film brought out memories of the struggles and difficult times he faced.

“I cried all throughout the movie and was touched by it. During the struggle, what held back people who fought for the democratic government the most was the question of whether the world would actually change (with their campaign) … and now there are some who raise the question of whether there would be any difference after the change of government. I believe this movie is the answer to that question. The movie shows that when we muster up our power… the world will change.”

— Moon Jae In, President of South Korea 

As the president recounted his story, lead actor Kang Dong Won could not hold back his tears either as he expressed what he felt while preparing for this role.

“While I was preparing for this movie I thought to myself: ‘Living well like this right now is because of a huge debt.’ I participated as a small payback towards this debt but it wasn’t enough to ease the emotional pain. I will continue to work hard in the future and return the favor with good films.”

— Kang Dong Won, Actor

7 Idol Fan Given Nicknames That Suit Them Almost Too Well

These names are perfect for them.

1BTS’ V: 김스치면인연 (Kim Seuchimyeoninyeon)

This nickname was created by combining V’s last name Kim and a sentence that means “To pass by someone and become friends instantly”. This nickname was given to V who easily makes friends and becomes best friends with the celebrities he worked with, such as Park Bo GumPark Seo JoonHa Ji Won and more.

2WINNER’s Mino: 생각거지 (Saenggak Geoji).

This word means “thought deprived” and was given to Mino who often said things like “Wow, I never thought of that” and “I could never think like that”.

3MAMAMOO’s Solar: 애숭모 (Aesoongmo)

Among MAMAMOO’s fans, Solar is often called Aesoongmo, a cute way of calling an aunt. She often posts her selfies on her Instagram, but her selfies are so bad, fans think that they look like selfies of an aunt who is trying to live young.

4BTOB’s Sungjae: 육잘또 (Yook Jal Tto)

Sungjae is so handsome but his actions are sometimes so crazy, it doesn’t match his stunning visuals. So, Sungjae is often called Yook Jal Tto by his fans, which combines the words Yook from his name, Jal meaning handsome and Tto meaning crazy.

5EXO’s D.O: 알모경 (Al Mo Kyung)

“Al Mo Kyung” is short for “You think you know Kyungsoo, but you don’t”. D.O has such a diverse character, that he can go from being innocent and gentle to savagely funny. Fans are surprised every time they find a new side of D.O and gave this nickname to him.

6SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan: 눕정한 (NoopJeonghan)

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan can be seen laying on anything, anytime, and anywhere, which gained him the nickname “laying Jeonghan”.

7GOT7 Youngjae: 영또화 (Young Ddo Hwa)

Young Ddo Hwa is short for “Is Youngjae going to the restroom again”. Fans gave this nickname to Youngjae who always disappears from the screen and goes to the restroom.