Praised as the young K-Pop goddess, Tzuyu (TWICE) still can’t hide this ‘weakness’ on her body!

Either she’s wearing short pants or skirt, they would make her legs look a little… thick and rough!

She receives praises with a beautiful face like a goddess. Tzuyu is also the highest member among the group.

Tzuyu’s legs are often exposed when she wears short skirts on stage.

This is a time when we found Tzuyu’s legs look shorter, but thanks to her cuteness on stage, fans didn’t notice at that too much.

She shows off her muscles legs.

Even though her upper body looks quite small, her legs are opposite as they look strong and thick.

Tzuyu rarely wears high heels to keep her legs looking longer, instead, she wears boots, sport shoes or sandals.

When wearing jeans or skinny pants, Tzuyu can hide this weakness. 

Legging is also a reasonable choice of the Taiwanese idol, helping to make her legs look slimmer

If you want to wear skirts but your legs are a bit thick, then you should choose this A-dress like Tzuyu!

Idols who confirmed they have watched 19+ movies

(KPOPLINE) – Despite owing powerful or innocent image, these Korean stars have made the audience surprised when they express their thoughts on this sensitive topic.

1. RM – BTS

RM – leader of the BTS has frankly admitted he watched 19+ films when he was still a primary school student. However, he thinks that he didn’t have a dark mind, and that’s just a moment of curiosity. He clicked on the link to access the website. What makes the fan laugh is that when the website needed him to confirm his age, he stole his father’s ID and this went smoothly.

In additions, RM also blamed BTS members for downloading 18+ movies which made his computer infected with viruses. He hesitates at nothing  when frankly stated that “Watching 18+ movies is not a guilt.”


Former SNSD member Jessica also confessed to having watched 18+ film on “Radio Star”. When the host asked about whether women discussed about such “sensitive” issues. Jessica honestly replied: “In some countries, if you turn on the TV, some 18+ movies can be accessed” “She  immediately turned to Sunny: “We even tried to see them right?”.

This has indirectly confirmed that SNSD has also had time to watch 18+ film in the USA.

3. Zico – Block B

Zico has a passion for R-rated movies. He doesn’t need to hide and even claims this on TV.

Zico has further explained that watching this kind of movie is also about relieving stresses and limiting the number of crimes related to sexual assault.

4. Changmin – DBSK

DBSK vocalist Changmin also decided to reveal his humorous story about his experience with the hot scene in KBS’s “Moonlight Prince”. Accordingly, he claimed to have watched erotic movies when his parents were away from home when he was just a high school student. He even shared the story with the fans on a group show.

5. Kwanghee – ZE: A

On JTBC’s “99 Meeting”Kwanghee (ZE: A) made the audience surprised. An older female audience shared a personal problem about her marriage and relationship on the show: “My husband never watches adult movies” . Then Kwanghee makes a slip of the tongue: “He’s lying to us, are we talking about TV series, I even watch that movie 2 days/times!”

6. Seungri – Big Bang

On the show “Strong Heart” leader G-Dragon suddenly shared a story regarding Seungri. He discovered in Seungri‘s web history that has lots of links related to adult movies. The speed of the network abroad is too slow so that it cannot download the full clip. This confession made the audience burst into a laugh.

7. IU

IU’s image was ‘broken’ when she strongly admitted on the “Go Show” that “I’ve seen adult movie but it’s not as fun as I thought it would be,” she said. This film was not what IU expected because she did not find anything interesting.

8. T-ara

On a reality TV show, T-ara members confessed: “We can watch the R-labeled movies to expand our knowledge to learn more.” However, when asked what the film was, they shyly replied that they could not remember the names, only knowing that it was a Japanese 19+ movie.


What do Kpop idols do if they stay home alone?

(KPOPLINE) – Have you ever questioned about Kpop idols’ daily life, and what they will do when they stay home alone.


Suzy is a lovely girl, “the nation’s first love” of Korean people. She appears with the most beautiful image in front of the public; but she is truly a lazy girl. When she stays at home, she wants to do nothing but lying on bed and watching TV all day.

During her free time, Suzy can stay home watching TV all day long and order online food, or she can invite friends to her home to spend time together.

Taeyeon (SNSD)

In her spare time, instead of going out, Taeyeon enjoys painting at home, playing lego or mobile games. Especially when she stays home alone, she even dyed her hair green so that even stylist could not save it, and she had to say goodbye to her long hair.

Taeyeon can spend the whole week just staying at home, and Yoona humorously described Taeyeon like a ghost in a dark house.

Hyeri and Minah (Girl’s Day)

If you was familiar with a cheerful Deok Sun in Reply 1988, you will be shocked when knowing that Hyeri is extremely lazy. She enjoys staying at home during her holidays as Yura called her as “Exhausted younger sister”.

Another Girl’s Day member who also likes staying at home rather than going out is Minah. She once shared that she liked playing card or lying on sofa with every necessities around her.

D.O. (EXO)

D.O. is considered as the weirdest members in EXO. It can be said that EXO is one of the leading male groups now so their schedules including both group and personal schedules are extremely busy. It seems like D.O. choose to stay at home, enjoy cooking and upload it on social networks during his free time.

Chorong (Apink)

Most of Kpop idol groups’ leaders like staying at home. It is surprising that Chorong has only a few close friends, and often stay home when she has no schedules.