Photos of TWICE’s Nayeon From Birth Until Now Show Her Complete Evolution


1.Baby Nayeon

Baby Nayeon was, as below evidence clearly shows, adorable af since day one. Rumor has it her smile came into the world and made it a nicer place by a quantifiable percentage.

2Student Days

As Nayeon came into her teen years, she kept the cuteness as well as all her good looks.


Little did JYP Entertainment or Nayeon herself know that this audition would have a huge impact on K-Pop.


Between auditioning and joining SIXTEEN, Nayeon was a star trainee at JYP Entertainment. In addition to a drama cameo and a few CFs, she even starred in GOT7‘s “Girls Girls Girls” music video.


She was chosen to participate in JYP Entertainment’s Mnet survival show SIXTEEN, which formed TWICE. She was the #1 contender and an early fan favorite.


As Nayeon became more familiar with fans and approached debuting, she became even brighter and charming on camera!


TWICE debuted in 2015 and ever since, Nayeon’s been the main center for TWICE’s music videos. Why? Because in all his wisdom, JYP realized that Nayeon just draws people right into her beautifulness and traps them there for however long she wants.

8The International Sensation

As TWICE grew and evolved into a beloved national treasure and K-Pop’s shining example of amazing music and dance choreography, Nayeon also became an international sensation. Cuteness does not have borders, as they say (or should). She maintains the beautiful smile she had since day one.

Bonus: Nayeon, the would-be helicopter

BTS’ RM Reveals J-Hopes Mixtape Is Even Better Than His

BTS‘s RM held a solo broadcast last night, reflecting on 2017 and talking 2018 plans with ARMY. He revealed that the members spent the first few hours of 2018 enjoying a few drinks and KBBQ until 4 or 5 in the morning.

He then went on to talk all about his collaboration with Fall Out Boy and how it came to be.

I think they heard my collaboration “Change” with Wale and the lyrics relate to “Champion”. They pointed me out, picked me to feature as a rapper on their song. It was such a honor, because Fall Out Boy is so well known. I do like the band’s songs… I loved the cynical yet hopeful lyrics.”

— RM on his collab with Fall Out Boy

The song debuted at No.18 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, accounted for 1.2 million streams, and also saw RM making his debut on the Emerging Artists chart and the Rock Digital Song Sales Chart.

Fans were beyond thrilled to hear that Fall Out Boy’s team were the ones to reach out to RM’s camp first.


Can you believe Fall Out Boy were the ones who called and approached Big Hit about having RM in the Champion Remix? A talent knows talent when they see one. Change ‘legend’ to ‘Namjoon’ in the dictionary.

RM also revealed that there are a lot of collaborations in the works for the other members as well, and to anticipate them in 2018.

He also talked about J-Hope’s upcoming mixtape, affectionately called HIXTAPE by ARMY.

“I’ve heard Hobi’s (J-Hope’s) mixtape tracks. To be honest, I thought his tracks’ quality were higher than my mixtapes.


The high compliments about J-Hope’s long-awaited mixtape had ARMY freaking out.


“Hoseok’s mixtape tracks’ are really good & I kinda think that his quality is better than mine- it’s so so good!” – RM



RM said he was shook to hoseok’s mixtape quality then could it possibly kill us ARMYs then?! #RMVlive

He also let fans know he spent the first day of 2018 at home in Ilsan watching a movie with his family and enjoying the light festival at Ilsan Lake Park.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter



✨✨ #김데일리

He spent the rest of the broadcast talking about their new puppy Yeontan, their outfits for the year-end music shows, and the recent incident with Suga and the broken chair, which had all of ARMY ringing in the New Year with a good laugh.


좀큰탄#121일이에요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

17 K-Drama Bloopers That Are Actually Hilarious

Once you see them you can’t unsee them.

1The Green Screen

Editors from “Hwayugi” were so rushed in post-production that they failed to take out this green screen moment before the air date.

2The Wires

On top of that, they also didn’t edit out the wires that were holding up the stuntmen.

3The Refrigerator Hand

Although Gong Yoo was supposed to “magically” open the refrigerator, we noticed there’s a hand that opened it instead.

4The BB Gun

In this scene from “Descendants Of The Sun” fans noticed that it was a BB gun they were using, which does not have slots for bullets.

5The Wrong CPR

The CPR performed on Song Hye Kyo in “Descendants Of The Sun” was a little too high up to be saving anybody.

6The Magic Hair Color Change

In this scene from “Doctors”, this doctor seems to have some magic hair!

7The Popped Collar

Maybe Kim Soo Hyun was just feeling like a pimp and popped his collar.

8The Random Passerby

From the drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” Oops…I’m just going to slowly walk backwards into the trees. Yes I’m sure no one noticed me.

9The Ladder

From the drama “Arang saddojun” Looks like someone forgot to tidy up after himself. Hehe

10 Upside Down Cell Phone

From the drama “Mr.Big”. Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you…….What do you mean nothings wrong with my phone!!!!!

11Those Big White Teeth

From the drama “The Slave Hunters” So…she didn’t have time to wash her face but her teeth are impeccably white???

12Time-Travelling CCTV

From the drama “Dr.Jin” I guess ancient Koreans took security seriously if nothing else those look very high tech even by today’s standards.

13 Barcodes

From the drama “The Slave Hunters”. Goes to show how the smallest detail can make a serious scene hilarious


From the drama “Jung Do Jun”. Perhaps next time you hire anyone to act in a historical drama, you should check if they have braces first!

15The A/C

A scene in the drama “Bridal Mask” I don’t quite think their air conditioning system was that advanced in the 1910s. At this point you’ve got to wonder how people notice these fails lol

16High Heels

From the drama “Jang Ok Jun”. I can’t place my finger on it…..but something seems out of place here…

17Hair Dye

A scene from “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”. Correct me if I’m wrong Jung Il Woo, but I don’t think people dyed their hair in ancient Korea.