Male stars to steal fans’ heart when quickly transforming from chubby to slim face


Many fans are shocked by Korean male stars’ appearance after losing weight successfully!

1. Kang Daniel

Handome boy from “Produce 101” is known for a perfect beauty as prince in comics. Referring to “national center” Kang Daniel, we can’t forget about his red lips, attractive eyes and extremely sharp facial expressions. However, anyone who follows Kang Daniel from “Produce 101” also knows that this guy was once overweight, his slim face at present was once really chubby.

In “Dream Concert” on 4/11, he also “transformed” from charming slim face to cute round face making many fans surprised. Even appearing with the chubby face, the beauty of Kang Daniel still did not reduce but in opposite, he looks so lovely.

From lovely chubby face …

… Kang Daniel become more attractive with the charming slim face by weight loss

Do you like a Daniel with cute O-line or charming V-line face?

2. Song Joong Ki

Well known for a long time, Song Joong Ki is not only known as an excellent actor, he also possesses standard looks that everyone admire, especially the attractive slim face, attracting every look. But after he got married, it seems that he was no longer in control of his weight as image of Captain Yoo in “The Descendant of the Sun”.

We can realize that through the chubby face of Song Joong Ki at airport to Hong Kong for MAMA 2017. It is worth saying, Song Joong Ki has the distinction of transforming from round face into a slim face on the next day. And this is’t the first time, this male actor has shown this ability.

Song Joong Ki tranform round face into slim face in s short time

At MAMA in Hong Kong, fans also realize this change. However, it seems that the actor’s chubby face has made fans more excited, because he looks cute and bright more than the skinny body before

3. Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook is one of KBiz’s most beloved actors due to his seductive body and flawless beauty. This Korean male celebrity is known to frequently change his looks to serve his roles. Ji Chang Wook lost 10kg when he took on the role of In Ha in “Five Fingers”. It is the reason why his face usually changes and fans aren’t strange to that thing

It must be recognized that Ji Chang Wook is handsome regardless of round face or slim face

After finished filming or in temporary break to enlist, Ji Chang Wook back with a lovely plump face.

4. Lee Min Ho

Main actor from ‘Boys over flowers” always fascinated fangirls with his bright smile and attractive looks. It helped Lee Min Ho always get invited as the brand face for many brands. Despite often appearing in the rankings of handsomeness, but there are times Lee Min Ho appear with chubby, overweight looks making the public surprised. But thanks to the drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” he regained the attractive V-line face and his handsome  apprearance.

Besides, many people think that Lee Min Ho doesn’t own V-line face. He only needs the photoshop technology to correct and choose the perfect angle shot to hide his O-line face

Lee Min Ho appears with perfect face on the magazine always makes fan immersed

In fact, Lee Min Ho is still attached to a plump face

5. Kim Soo Hyun

After drama “You came from the stars”, Kim Soo Hyun received much attention from the directors and attracted a large number of fans. He is always known to own a small face making woman also jealous. However, he used to impress with a round face sometimes. It seems that Kim Soo Hyun is not persistent to hold a nice body!!

Kim Soo Hyun owns charisma and attractive looks thanks to V-line face

Without a V-line face, Kim Soo Hyun loses his shimmering and coldness. However, fan said that he looks more friendly when appearing with O-line face

6. Go Kyung Pyo

Go Kyung Pyo is also one of the special cases when looking more attractive due to weight loss. The actor usually appears in the handsome look, but he is always defamed  by a round face. However, every time he lost weight successfully, V-line face helps Go Kyung Pyo gain the attention from public

Go Kyung Pyo often lose control of his weight , revealing his weakness and reducing charm.

But after losing weight, he steal fans’ heart thanks to handsome and attractive looks

Is “innocent concept” suitable for these girlgroups?

(KPOPLINE) – Is this the right step for next generation girl groups?

Mostly, all the of the second and third generation groups are starting from the innocent and pure concept first and then stepping into the maturity of style and music. In order to attract the attention of most fans, girl groups have to choose the concept according to tastes of fans. Not only have to invest in music, dance, but also girlgroups need to pay attention to eye-catching appearance with the appropriate outfit. It’s not an easy thing, if they choose the wrong concept, that outfit immediately become the weakness which can cause bad results. Obviously there are many girlgroups who totally fit with this concept, but some others don’t.


Apink debuted in 2011, under the management of Plan A Entertainment. Along with the 6 members, Apink girls chose to follow the feminine concept and were supported enthusiastically by fans with their first song, “I Don’t Know”. Even though they only follow a certain style, the songs of group have made successes such as: “My My”, “No no no”, “Mr Chu”, etc.  Despite having appeared with more matured image in “Luv“, Apink really fits to the concept of innocence and purity.

Apink’s costume are always carefully invested to refresh the image.

Using the short skirt and bundle croptop of red and pink color became hot trend for the previous year

They often used light color outfit combining with short striped skirt

The lovely dress as famous princesses

School style with familiar fashion of red plaid schoolgirl skirt and white shirt with prominent red bowtie. In spite of the simple outfits, people still have to pay attention to the girls.

Oh! My Girl

The girl group debuted with WM Entertaiment, which was founded in 2015. Oh! My Girl is still in their own style since debut until now and has never changed to a new style. However, the audience is more interested in this style and give 9/10 points for their fashion items. Oh! My Girl with soft lyrics, but coherent strong choreography, the costume brings viewers falling into a Japanese anime world!

Oh! My Girl members look harmonious in the baby pink velvet dress.

Although these are just normal white dresses, but still brighten the visuals of 7 girls.

Using the perfect color mixing, Oh! My Girl gain absolute points!

Simple flower pattern dresses show off the girls’ charms


The fashion styles of TWICE – the 9 member girl group of JYP Entertainment have never been undervalued. TWICE always take a lot of care for their looks, especially their outfits. Almost every stage, this girlgroup is dressed in new clothes. Many female groups also need to learn a lot about TWICE’s coordination. Surprisingly, each member carries a distinct style but still harmonious in a strange way.

TWICE is highly regarded for both looks and costumes

You can learn about TWICE’s outfit coordination to hang out with your best friends

The costumes in “Signal” performance, each one a style but still beautiful as usual

However, not all groups in the concept of innocence and purity can rock this style. Despite the talent and beauty , they are defamed by their outfits.


We certainly can’t miss out on G-Friend – the girl group also comes from a small company. Since debut, G-Friend has often been compared because of bringing the familiar style of many other girlgroups. Especially the costumes of the group when performing the songs are still very sketchy and normal that can’t create the highlight for idol group’s spirit.

Costumes look like ordinary uniforms that anyone can earn

Simple outfit with only white

Navillera with Retro style but still couldn’t bring much impression.

Until Love Whisper or Summer Rain, G-Friend’s outfits are still very simple

The same color, perhaps different size of clothes

Their outfits for big events seems to be too simple!


Coming from one of Korea’s top 3 entertainment companies, SNSD is always leading the fashion trend, especially in the mature style. Starting for the innocent, pure concept, Girl Generation became the model for junior girlgroups. However, sometimes SNSD also make mistakes in costumes.

SNSD’s unstable fashion, each one of a different style

Pure white is the ideal choice but is defamed by the cumbersome style of dress

After finding the right direction, SNSD’s outfit has become more stylish and better than before

But their colourful outfits in Holiday make fans also confused.


Used to be highly appreciated for the talent and music, Lovelyz hasn’t gained much attention with their hits yet. Does Lovelyz need to change their direction and especially fashion style?

The costumes are’t eye-catching and seems to be too simple

Sometimes, their outfit was as simple as school uniform

Perhaps this is Lovelyz’s most beloved costume in this comeback

SM wasn’t kidding, there was an anti-fan being arrested by police!

A netizen who told that his schoolmates were taken by the police due to offending SM’s artists on the internet.

After cooperating with fans to protect the artists, SM seems to have started looking for people who have offended the idols of the company on social networks.

SM is taking legal action against netizens who are spreading negative rumours about its artists

This time, SM Entertainment didn’t joke, as evidenced by the fact that the company has announced many times about the drastic measures without compromises with the negative netizens who denigrate dignity and image of the artists.

Recently, on a community site for K-Pop fans, a netizen shared about the real incident in his high school. Specific content as follows:

“SM seems to be unwilling to compromise, it happened at my school a few days ago, there was an 11th grade girl at my school who was sued. She apologized and did so many things but SM definitely refused to compromise. When police appeared, she cried loudly disturbing everyone at school”.

This post has made many SM fans satisfied because eventually haters have to take the consequences of their actions. Although the results of the investigation haven’t been updated, but everyone understands that sooner or later the haters and anti-fans will be punished.

Commenting negatively and spreading negative rumours about others is a disapproval action but still exists in modern life. In these cases, it is best for each of us to be proactive in the protection of the law, otherwise it will leave a lot of unpredictable consequences.

Source: Tinnhac