Kpop male idols still look handsome regardless of their flaws on faces

(KPOPLINE) – Some of Kpop male idols do not get perfect teeth, but that does not mean they don’t look hot.

K-Pop idols amazed us with their perfect skin, body, and hair. However, they are human too and still have a very minor flaws. Check out top K-Pop singers who have the pretty weird dental structures.

Lai Guanlin (Wanna One)

Lai Guanlin is considered as one of top visuals in Wanna One, with a good looking face and perfect body.

He is in charge of rapper in the group, who always act cool on stages, but he also has a minor flaw on his face, which is a set of offbeat teeth.

He cannot hide this flaw when he laughs out loud.  

However, fans really love when he smiles happily like this


His sweet smile makes fan forget all of flaws on his face.

It even becomes his “secret weapon” to win fans’ hearts.

Jimin (BTS)

A.R.M.Y calls Jimin as angel because of his cuteness.

However this angel still has an imperfection feature on his face whenever he smiles.

Despite of it, he is still perfect in fans’ eyes.

Sehun (EXO)

EXO maknae always acts cold in front of the public.

Fans funnily gave him a nick name as “toothless” man.

Fans only focus on his high nose, beautiful eyes and jaw bones and forget that flaw.

Sometimes, he looks like a baby when he smiles

Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

Super Junior’s dancing machine looks elegant in front of his hoobaes and has a flair for variety shows.

He even looks sexier after he discharged from the military. He is also one of male idols who has bunny teeth

He still attracts a lot of fans with this sweet smile.

Bright smile and no-makeup face, can you imagine that he turned 32.

Bobby (iKON)

With his own swag, he does not need to be the most handsome idols. He is confident of his nature beauty.

His teeth are insanely cute right?

He drew fans with his own talents. He always smile in front of fans to show his cute bunny teeth

Shocking diet plans of female Korean celebs

Five top Korean female celebrities have unveiled their severe meal plans for weight loss.

Returning to the public spotlight requires a lot of preparation for Korea’s female celebrities. People evaluate the stars’ appearance from head to toe, and there is nothing worse than to hear “looks chubbier than before.” That explains why some celebs turn to extreme diets before they return.

Five top Korean female celebrities have unveiled their severe meal plans for weight loss.

1. Actress Lee Tae-im, 30

Lee said on talk show “Video Star” on MBC Everyone on Tuesday that she eats “only three spoons of food a day.” “To stay in good shape, I eat once a day,” she said.

“I kept to this diet for the past six months. I will start eating six spoons of food a day from now on for my health.” Lee noticeably lost a lot of weight when she made her comeback in 2015. Some netizens suggested she might be suffering from anorexia.

2. Singer Ailee, 27

Ailee was the epitome of a healthy body and had an explosive singing style when she debuted in 2012. But last year, she returned amazingly skinny.

She said the secret to losing 10 kilograms in a month was eating nothing but 500 grams of protein, two cups of vegetables and one piece of fruit a day. “I wanted to know how much weight I can lose,” Ailee said.

3. Singer IU, 24

IU also has lost weight. “One apple for breakfast, then two sweet potatoes or bananas and a cup of protein drink for lunch is what I ate each day,” she said on the radio program “Noon Song of Hope” on MBC FM4U in 2013.

“After five days of hard exercise and strict diet, I lost five kilograms.”

4. Singer Soyou, 25

Soyou of Korean girl band Sistar is renowned for her flawless body. She revealed her secret to losing eight kilograms on the TV show “Get It Beauty 2015” on OnStyle. She said she ate the whites of four quail eggs and a cup of milk a day.

Soyou shocked viewers by saying her workout routine combined with the diet was hot yoga, weight training, cardio exercises and dance practice.

5. Singer Luna, 23

Korean girl band f(x)’s lead vocalist Luna returned to the public eye skinnier in 2015. Last December, in a YouTube video, she released her weight-loss meal plan. She usually enjoys a light breakfast, such as two slices of cheese, two boiled eggs or calamansi fruit, and eats a bigger lunch. But before the comeback she said: “My daily diet plans are strawberries, tomatoes, one pack of apple juice, a few dried persimmon and two sweet potatoes a day.”

Fans were shocked when Luna said: “Right before an important showcase or camera shoot, I only eat lemon or drink green tea and water.”

A netizen spots Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA going for a drive on Jeju Island

On January 17, a netizen revealed he/she had spotted singer Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generation member YoonA on Jeju Island.

On January 17, a netizen revealed he/she had spotted singer Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generationmember YoonA on Jeju Island.

The photos captured Lee Hyori bursting with laughter while singing energetically into a microphone.  Meanwhile, YoonA can be seen driving behind the wheel, beaming, working as a part-timer on JTBC’s ‘Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast‘ Season 2.

The netizen explained, “I saw Hyori and YoonA together on Jeju Island. Filming the second season of ‘Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast’, hoping for the best!” and shared photos via social media.

Previously, the idol singer was spotted grocery shopping with Lee Sang Soon for the variety program.

The second season of Lee Hyori’s reality series is scheduled to air during the first half of 2018.  Stay tuned!

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Top 15 Korean dramas that have the most expensive production costs

Seeing how splendid these drama projects are on the screen, you might understand the large scale of their production costs.


15. Descendants of the Sun: 13 billion won ~ 11.888.103,22 USD

KBS Dramas have spent a lot of money on casting actors, crews, or filming locations (many overseas film sets). In return, writer Kim Eun Sook’s movie has become one of the most successful pre-production films, with ratings reaching 38.8% for the final episode.

14. Gu Family Book: 14.4 billion won ~ 13.209.003,58 USD

The supernatural saga of MBC in 2013 has a length of 24 episodes.

13. Goblin: 14.4 billion won ~ 13.209.003,58 USD

Goblin holds the highest grossing film of all time in the history of cable tvN with 900 million won per episode. 16 episodes make viewers satisfied not only by attractive content but also thanks to beautiful techniques. This is also a movie by Kim Eun Sook.

12. Moon Lovers: 15 billion won ~ 13.650.672,35 USD

One of Moon Lovers’ production companies is YG Entertainment. Despite the huge budget, cast remake of the massive promotional campaign, the remake version of the Chinese classic film Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart did not reach great success with an average rating of only 7.59%.

11. Criminal Minds: Over 18 billion won ~ 16.292.737,97 USD

Criminal Minds’ exact budget is not disclosed. However, according to many Korean sources, the amount of money remodeled by the American series of the same name for each episode exceeded Goblin’s 900 million won or over 18 billion won for the 20 episodes. Unfortunately, Criminal Minds did not success as expected with the highest rating of 4.187% in the first episode and a decrease in subsequent episodes.

10. IRIS and Athena:( Goddess of War ): 20 billion won ~ 18.275.583,43 USD

IRIS (2009) and spin-off (Athena) debuted a year later, both of which have a great cast and cost 20 billion won for 20 episodes. However, the fate of the two dramas is quite contradictory. While IRIS has the highest rating of 35.5%, Athena, with a start of 25.9% thanks to its predecessor’s appeal, has reduced its rating and reached the final episode by half.

9. Korean Peninsula: 20 billion won ~ 18.275.583,43 USD

This is a cable series from TV Chosun in 2012 and is the most expensive film of this station ever. Compared to the 20 episodes of IRIS and Athena, Korean Peninsula’s Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun only have 18 episodes.

8. The legend of Blue Sea: 22 billion won ~ 20.037.337,73 USD

The 2017 SBS blockbuster spent 1.1 billion won per episode. This is not difficult to understand when The Legend of Blue Sea succeeded like the Descendants of the Sun or the Goblin – all possessed the strong casts, the powerful squads, exquisite sceneries and techniques are invested. Highest rating of this drama was 20%.

7. Mr. Sunshine: 24 – 30 billion won ~ 1320812,19 USD

Mr. Sunshine is also another project by famous scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook. However, not all of her films will compete with each other. After ignoring Descendants of the Sun due to the high cost of production, they are not sponsored by the costumes; SBS continues to refuse Mr.. Sunshine because it costs 1.5 billion won per episode (the film is expected to be 16-20).

6. God of War: 25 billion won ~ 535 billion VND~ 23.560.386,79 USD

Long-term archaeological projects often have very high production costs. As for the 56-episode long-running Kim Joo Hyuk’s God of War, the amount of money MBC spent on it was 25 billion won, or about 446 million won per episode.

5.Six Flying Dragons: 30 billion won ~ 28.272.464,14 USD

Six Flying Dragons is a special project dedicated to the 25th anniversary of SBS. The production cost of the film is 30 billion won per 50 episodes, which is 600 million won per episode. The drama that Yoo Ah In paid for actor Yoo Ah In was 70 million won per episode.

4. Dae Jo Yeong: 35 billion won ~ 32.979.028,69 USD

This is one of the highest paid films ever broadcast on KBS1. With 35 billion won for 134 episodes, the amount of production per episode of Dae Jo Yeong is about 261 million won.

3. Yeon Gaesomun: 40 billion won ~ 37.646.287,75 USD

SBS’s 2006 blockbuster costume is comparable to Bong Joon Ho’s blockbuster Snowpiercer or Kim Yong Hwa’s “Along With the Gods.” Of course, with 40 billion won for every 100 episodes, every episode of 1 hour, Yeon Gaesomun’s hype can not be compared to the other productions.

2. Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin 43 billion won ~ 40.508.286,24 USD

One of the two most expensive films ever made in Korean drama, produced more than 13 years ago, is the most expensive film ever seen on KBS1. The amount of money spent on an episode of Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin is about 413 million won, which is 104 episodes.

1. The Legend: 43 billion won ~ 39.634.295,53 USD

43 billion won for 24 episodes, or 1.8 billion won each. The Legend is the most expensive work of Korean television history. After more than 10 years, there are no projects to break this record. For each episode, Bae Yong Joon paid 250 million won, which is the highest rate ever for a drama actor.