What are Kpop male idols’ favorite items?

(KPOPLINE) – Here are some of favorite fashion items that are frequently used by Kpop male idols.

1. Glasses

With many kinds of glasses, this must be a must-have item for male idols.

These glasses can fit any faces or appearances well.

2. Chokers

Who says that male idols cannot wear this item

It can be used for performances on stages, or even for daily events. 

3. Bandana Turban

Male idols often mix colorful bandana turban with dark outfits. 

4. Flannel shirt

Flannel shirt is a favorite item among male idols because it looks very fashionable and is suitable for all ages and genders. 

Flannel shirts are the perfect solution to staying warm and stylish in the fall 

5. Cardigan

Cardigan is a perfect item for male idols to wear in cool days

Most of male idols choose neutral colored cardigans

6. Long coat

Long coats help male idols look more mature

Male idols often wear long coats for the airport fashion 


Top 13 most expensive costumes of Kpop idols

K-pop stars despite busy schedules and hard training period, they still earn quite a huge amount of money from their work, so that they don’t hesitate to spend nearly 13207 USD on a jacket .

13. Ji Soo – Miu Miu Skirt ($ 1,975)

Ji Soo is the one to wear the most expensive design among Black Pink members. Set Miu Miu’s dress worth about 1.975 USD

12. Nana – Saint Laurent Skirt ( $ 2,099)

 Nana’s dress belongs to Saint Laurent collection, called Gold Guns Jacquard Dress. Although this dress is quite simple but it costs up to 2.009 USD

11. V (BTS) – Gucci vest ($ 2.200)

V spend more than 2.200 USD to own a simple Gucci vest.

10. Jennie – Saint Laurent vest ( $ 3,290)

We all know that Jennie is big fan of this luxury brand, she invested nearly 3,290 USD for a simple black suit.

9. Soyou – Blumarine Skirt ( $ 3,322)

Blumarine is a high-end fashion brand with feminine designs, which is loved by many Korean stars. Soyou used to wear a lace skirt with the fabric of the company called Techno Lurex Brocade and Lace Dress, cost 3,322 USD.

8. Tiffany – Miu Miu Skirt ($ 3,500)

The Miu Miu Metallic Brocade Dress, a shining silver fabric and a waist-high waistcoat, is one of the most expensive dresses ever. This dress cost nearly 3,500 USD.

7. Nam Tae Hyun – Vetements Jacket ( $ 3,981)

Vetements are famous for their coats. Therefore, Nam Tae Hyun spened without hesitating 3,981 USD to own the oversized jacket.

6. Ravi (VIXX) – Gucci vest ($ 6,250)

Ravi’s black-and-blue jacket has an incredible price about 6,250 USD

5. Momo – Philipp Plein Jacket ( $ 6.658)

More than $ 6,658 is the amount Momo spent wearing only a one time dress.

4. Mark (NCT) – Philipp Plein Jacket ( $ 7.177)

Mark owns many brand costumes, including this leather jackets of Philipp Plein, priced over 7,177 USD

3. BamBam (Got7) – Saint Laurent Jacket ( $ 9.990)

The leather coats of Saint Laurent is not only hard to wear but also very expensive,  cost up to 9,990 USD.

2. Jinhwan (iKON) – Saint Laurent Jacket (11.900 USD)

Jinhwan would have made many people surprise if they know this jacket’s worth up to $ 11,900 

1. CL – Versace (37,094 USD)

With this versace fur coat of about 37,094 USD, CL deserves to be called Kpop most glamorous Queen.


Korean Idols own the most unique ear piercings

Ear piercing is one of the most popular jewelry of K-Pop idols. Aren’t you curious to see how unique their piercings are?

The fashion competition between celebrities is not only about clothes or shoes, bags, but also the small accessories incorporated in their costume. In the list below, there are many idols have impressed fans with a lot of unique ear piercings.


K-pop Queen BoA usually combine big earrings with a different small chain. She has about 10 piercing holes in her ear.

Hyo Yeon

SNSD’s Hyo Yeon impressed fans with 14 piercing holes, both on her navel and tongue

Amber (f(x))

Amber‘s short hair helps show off her gorgeous earrings, of course it is also suitable for her style.

Eun Ji (Apink)

Eun Ji does not often wear earrings on stage because it looks unsuitable to her group’s style. But when she appears in real life, she likes wearing many earrings.

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

G-Dragon was one of the first male idols to use the big earrings. He has never made fans disappointed with his fashion style.


JB has piercing holes on his ears and lips. His bad boy concept always makes fans excited.

Seung Yeol (Infinite)

Although, Sung Yeol is not wearing a lot of earrings at the moment, fans have never forgotten his cool image when he just debuted with the long hair and many earrings

Ten (NCT)

This Thail idol has a huge love with earrings. He has total 11 piercing holes

Jung Kook (BTS)

It is impossible not to mention BTS’s maknae in this list with extremely cool earrings and perfectly suited to Jung Kook’s style.

Jennie (Black Pink)

 Jennie always looks impressive with her unique ear piercings.