Kpop idols with the most beautiful eyes that can mesmerize all fans in the world


In the Korean entertainment industry, we can see a lot of beautiful idols with the most fascinating eyes, attracting every one’s attention.

Many people were lured just by looking at their eyes. Many people got cosmetic surgeries to own beautiful eyes like their favorite idols. Here is the top 5 idols who have the most beautiful eyes

1. Park Jihoon (Wanna One)

The most beautiful thing on wink boy Jihoon’s face is his pure eyes. He looks both sexy and innocent with those eyes.

Noone can guess what he’s really thinking

Since his trainee time, his eyes were a hot topic

His member Kang Daniel said: “When I look into his eyes, I can see the full galaxy”.

2. Yeri (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet’s maknae attracts people with her big and bright eyes, especially when she performs on stage. With strong and powerful songs, Yeri looks so confidents with those eyes.

Yeri looks sexy like a goddess on stage

Her dreamy eyes

Sometimes, she is like a baby with those innocent eyes.

3. Irene (Red Velvet)

There was a time when Irene often wore glasses while appearing in front of the public because she thought that she didn’t look beautiful enough.

Her big and black eyes like a baby doll

Many people want to have those beautiful eyes

With contact lenses and her orange hair color, Irene turned into a sexy girl

4. Jungkook (BTS)

BTS’s maknae Jungkook has a big and black eyes.He always stands out thanks to those eyes

His perfect selfie

Looking at his eyes, you could get lost in a forest of a fairy tale.

His cute eyes

5. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

Not only famous with his long hair in the past, Jeonghan also made fans admire with his double-eyelid.

He has a beautiful eye smile

A mysterious look

Many girls are jealous of his eyes



4 Kpop rookies that possess the most impressive fashion styles in 2017

These Kpop idols have just debuted for a short time but always impressed the media at the airport while showing their unique styles.

There are most popular names today, the fashion sense of these goddesses, charming princes always impresses fans for their super cool street style. Let’s see who they with us right now:

1. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel always gains attention when he appears at the airport. The Wanna One member has admirable height, wide shoulders, which helps him look so great in long trend coat.

The combination of plaid shirts with sweaters are promoted in winter 2017 by many Korean stars. Daniel always build the luxurious image when using the expensive shoes, bags with street style outfits.

Daniel is known for his nickname “Pink Hair Boy”. He also likes to wear pink costume when he appears at the airport.

Despite putting on a pink cardigan, the male singer doesn’t look feminine. Kang Daniel always pays attention to mix the bag in accordance with the overall outfit.

The color scheme also shows the good style of Kang Daniel. Long brown cardigan combine with sweatshirts inside at the same color. He also likes to wear cute round glasses when coming to the airport.

2. Kim Do Yeon

Do Yeon is famous for her charming temperament and a nice body which looks like a model. Despite wearing a simple jacket, the Weki Meki member still looks so stylish .

Trench coats combined with turtleneck sweater is simple but shows elegant style, suitable for many events.

Former member of I.O.I showed off her long legs with all black style. The leather jacket makes the singer look stronger.

Where are all the girls who want to choose a simple but still unique costume for Christmas or Year End Party? Let’s try Do Yeon’s mix and match outfit!

Plaid skirt help Doyeon show off the attractive curves and slip-ons which is suitable for walking down the streets.

Pattern bags are a great accessory if you want to make street style more attractive.

3. Lai Kuan Lin

Lai Kuan Lin is known as a guy with a unique fashion style, who really loves the pattern. Not everyone can combines plaid shirt  with another plaid coat as Wanna One member

Instead of the usual black jeans, Lai Kuan Lin choose a prominent red pants. The outfit is comfortable to move and still fashionable.

The guy who was born in 2001 likes strange designs with unique motifs at the airport.

Accessories are also one of Lai Kuan Lin’s indispensable items at the airport

Even male idol’s gauze masks are also different.

Kuan Lin isn’t afraid of experimenting hot items, such as the type of transparent rimmed glasses as a hot trend in summer of 2017.

4. Jennie

Jennie is a new fashion icon every time she goes to the airport . She skillfully shows off her tiny waist with a crop top.

Sometimes, Black Pink members doesn’t choose costume too carefully, she just need to rock black and white outfit, plaid baggy pants which are able to improve height but still look so attractive at  the airport

The hip hop style with a bit rebellious feeling helps Jennie create her own mark, different from other female idols.

She wears a simple white T-shirt and jeans but still makes people pay attention especially to her Gucci slippers.

The YG’s idol usually impresses other people with expensive costumes. Jennie is called ” Gucci Queen ” thanks to numerous times she rocks this brand’s outfits.

16 “unforgettable” hairstyles of EXO members that engrave in fans’ mind

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 28-02-2018

From debuted, EXO has made a lot of fans have to “fascinated” because of their creative hairstyles but still fit trend.

There is no way for you to understand Korean male hair trends faster than following a Hallyu idol. Here, we will talk about EXO members. Since the day they first debuted, EXO has been known as a rookie group with many wild and strange hairstyles.

Whenever they make a comeback to the music stages, aside from songs and dances that fans are interested in, new hairstyles of EXO members also gain fans’ attention. During the past three years, Tao’s mint hair or Kai’s plait hairstyle have become unforgettable memories. Talking about that, let’s review 16 most impressive hairstyles of the most hot men in Kpop today.

Kai constantly transform with many different hairstyles. For example, if you aren’t an EXO fan, it’s hard to know that this guy used to has cornrow hairstyle.

This is an African traditional hairstyle. This hairstyle transforms Kai into a true “Hip Hop” guy who looks very unique..

During promotion of Overdose, he is also preferred for central parting hairstyle.

With this dazzling plantinum hair, he looks like a real “monster”.

However, Kai’s hairstyle above is more interesting compared to this mushroom hairstyle.

Fans can’t forget the time Sehun had this rainbow hairstyle.

No matter what, Sehun’s rainbow hair is also considered a “magnet”.

With young face, D.O. suddenly becomes more manly and stylish with undercut style.

D.O.’s attraction increases to 200% when he dyes red hair.

Chanyeol once looked so soft with long hair.

Some fans said this curly hair made Chanyeol look like an aunt.

And another time when he tried red curly hair.

Lay also used to have long hair, but he looks more stylish and stronger.

Lay chooses a simple haircut with traditional black colour.

But when he turned to curly hairstyle, he looked quite like Chanyeol.

Who still remembers Chen’s curly hair which looked like a bowl of delicious ramen?

Xiumin once had the central parting hairstyle.

Shaving on both side, Xiumin accidentally showed most of his forehead.

Needless to say, during the Kokopop promotion, Baekhyun’s hairstyle makes fans “speechless”. But it’s not because it doesn’t suit him, it is just so unique and gorgeous.

And the most favourite hairstyle of the leader, Suho, and also the fans, is this girl wig with pink highlight.

(Source: Trithuctre)