Korean female idols struggle because of their short dresses


(KPOPLINE) – K-pop idols’ stylists seem to be increasingly fond of short costumes.

Skirts are an indispensable costume for K-Pop idols whenever they appear on the stage or events because female idols can show off their smooth and flawless fair legs. However, skirts which are too short will cause them lack of confidence when appearing in public.

Recently on Pann, many fans posted photos of Red Velvet’s big sister – Irene extremely struggling and seeming uncomfortable with the short skirt just covered the butt.

There were many times she had to walk very hard on the red carpet just because of the tight and short leather skirt.

Red Velvet Joy also feels uncomfortable because of the length of the costume. Many times, Korean netizens have complained about these unnecessarily sexy dresses.

It is admitted that Minah’s white dress is very beautiful and luxurious, but it made her feel very nervous when walking at the event.

Owning the best height among the members of the girl group TWICE, Tzuyu often wears dresses that are just about to cover the thighs.

The dress skirt made Lisa (Black Pink) feel inconvenient during the performance of the group. Many fans noticed that she often pulled down her skirt but still failed.

People who don’t have height advantages like Taeyeon often have to wear short dresses to look taller, but this dress doesn’t seem good.

Despite being quite uncomfortable, Choa (former member of AOA) still has to hold and carefully cover herself as she doesn’t want her skirt to be pulled up while she’s moving.

The skirt helps Sana (TWICE) look like a princess. However, the length of this skirt makes fans worried. And because she’s uncomfortable, she keeps her hand in front.

The dress is too short so this teen idol feels uncomfortable to stand in front of people. And Somi isn’t able to perform the dance naturally.

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Want to look so cool when going to school? Learn how these K-stars mix their outfits!

A, 07-03-2018

(KPOPLINE) – Even going to school, these idols are still outstanding thanks to their beautiful fashion styles.

This year, Korean idols born in 1999 enter the univesity. In the first days, these special new students doesn’t disappoint their friends and fans when they still shine with youthful and energetic fashion styles. This could be a great suggestion for fans who have just said goodbyes to uniforms.

Kim So Hyun

Soft sweater with mini suede skirt makes Kim So Hyun more feminine and mature. But the new goddess of Korean still doesn’t lose her youthfulness thanks to white sports shoes.

Combination of polo woolen dress with plaid shirt inside is quite striking. And short black boots is both beautiful and warm in cold winter.

Typical style of college students: black leather jacket and white T-shirt. Although overall costume is quite simple, it’s still very eye-catching. And ponytail makes her more beautiful.

Jin Ji Hee

In daily fashion, there may be no need for costly outfits, let’s focus on bright colors. A green sweater is easy to attract people.

Fresh and brilliant appearance is a privilege of young teenagers. Pink and yellow all make Jin Ji Hee radiant and prominent in the dark sky.

Sometimes, we can go back to feminine style with skirts, pretty ribbon on the collar to add more sweetness. This costume is especially suitable to rock in spring.

Eunchae (DIA)

These are all basic costumes such as sweaters, ripped jeans, sports shoes but with combination of color, it will create a more attractive and trendy fashion style.

Apart from wool, denim is also suited for T-shirt. In order to avoid too simple look, Eunchae uses a basic white T- shirt with piercing details.

An A dress is so feminine and sweet. This would probably be one of the most popular outfits in college.

Park Ji Hoon

Park Ji Hoon wears a large plaid shirt with a retro collar. Any guys can buy this shirt because it is quite handy in everyday life.

In cold days, a set of jacket, hoodies, and sweatshirts will keep Park Ji Hoon warm but won’t lose his fashionable styles.

Long coat with checked patterns is the trend of this year. Choosing a moderate dark outfit will help your skin brighter.

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What’s the meaning behind these Kpop idols’ stage outfits?

Thanhng, 07-03-2018

Kpop idols often have different costumes for different comeback songs and these costumes probably contain interesting meanings.


When GFriend performed “Gone with the Wind”, the girls wore their stage costumes with numbers printed on their shirts. These numbers are their birthday. For example, SinB wore a shirt with No.3 because her birthday is on June 3, when Yerin with number 19 for her birthday on August 19. The only member, with the number of her birth month on the shirt was Umji because she has the same birthdate with Yerin.

Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls wore their outfits with numbers on stages (as well as in their music video) as they promoted “Happy”. However, unlike GFriend, the 13-member group used birth months instead of their dates of birth. For example, Luda and Cheng Xiao wore shirt with numbers 03 and 07 respectively. However, Dayoung and Eunseo had to wear shirts with numbers as their birthdates because both of them were born in May.

Red Velvet

When Red Velvet performed Dumb Dumb with outfits as maids, they wore an apron with initials, which was the first word of their name: I – Irene, W – Wendy, S – Seul Gi, J – Joy and Y – Yeri.

Park Bogum and Irene on Music Bank

On the first day as MCs for Music Bank, Park Bo Gum and Irene had a sweet performance with pink and white outfits. And on the last day at their goodbye stage, the two also wore outfits that have the same colors as a way to review memories they had with Music Bank.


During the promotion of “Destiny,” Lovelyz wore costumes with many interesting implications. Through this song, the group wanted to show love between the earth and the moon. The girls considered themselves as the moon, so they changed the color of the costumes according to the shape of the moon on the day of their performances. If they were full moon, they wore blue and when it was crescent moon, they wore gray.


Perhaps, Rainbow had one of the most unique meaning with their numbers on stage outfits. During their promotion for “Sunshine”, they wore numbers as numbers of TV channels. If they performed on Music Bank, the group wore number 07 because KBS’s channel is 07, etc.

Jungkook – BTS

During “Fire” performance at Ocean World DJ Party, Jungkook’s shirt had a strange black rectangle that looked like electrical tape. It was to cover the prints of naked women on his shirt.