Korean fans are desperate for these collaborations between SM and YG

With all the incredible artists between SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, fans shared what their dream collaborations would look like, if these two companies worked together more.

With all the incredible artists between SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, fans shared what their dream collaborations would look like, if these two companies worked together more.

1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and EXO’s Baekhyun

G-Dragon on a track with Baekhyun would no doubt become one of the chart-topping songs of the year. GD’s smooth rap, combined with Baekhyun’s unbelievable singing would create a combination that could literally kill.

2. BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Red Velvet’s Irene

Jennie and Irene are both part of the new powerhouse of K-Pop girl groups, and putting them together in a song may just cause fans to go insane. Not only would their stage presence and vocal talents just be a perfect combination, but their sexy styles would create the fiercest stage ever.

3. BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyang and Taeyeon are arguably two of the most talented singers in Korea, and putting them together could create magic. Imagine Taeyeon on some of Taeyang’s famous songs, but remixed into a duet. How about a sequel to “I Need A Girl” or “Wedding Dress”, but with Taeyeon switching it up a bit?

4. BLACKPINK’s Rosé and EXO’s D.O.

D.O.‘s powerful voice and ROSE‘s smooth vocals would be a perfect combination for a new song together. But even a cover song would do. Please. How about Justin Bieber‘s “Love Yourself”?

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Pre-debut video surfaces of TWICE Mina dancing in the streets

An old pre-debut clip of TWICE‘s Mina dancing in a street performance proves she was always meant to be a star. 

During TWICE’s pre-debut survival show SIXTEEN, Mina joined forces with I.O.I‘s Somi and former JYP Entertainment trainee Natty for a team mission.

The girls had to convince fans on the streets to come to their showcase, where they eventually performed J.Y. Park’s “Who’s Your Mama” as a unit. 

But to attract more fans, the girls decided to go busking in Hongdae, where they danced to fellow JYP Entertainment girl group miss A‘s hit song “Breathe”. 

Because of her dark and mysterious image, fans were surprised to catch a rare glimpse of Mina performing with such a carefree attitude.

Even before her debut, Mina has been impressing fans with her dancing ability and powerful aura!

Do your favourite girlgroup have such ‘luxurious’ airport fashion like BLACKPINK?
(Kpopline) – Not only for performing on stages, BLACKPINK’s airport fashion is also really expensive and splendid.

Not only famous for the “cool” and luxurious style on stage or events, BLACKPINK’s airport fashion style is also very beautiful and diverse. It proves that they invest in their wardrobe from clothes, dresses to accessories such as shoes, bags, necklaces … And despite the simple and neat look of their outfits, the price that they cost is really huge.

Let’s check the price of a few set below!

GUCCI’s leather belt bag ($ 1,050) and GUCCI’s ace leather sneaker were coordinated by Jennie with elegant suits

Lisa’s sporty outfit with simple hoodie and short jeans, NIKE shoes and Saint Laurent’s bag cost $ 2790.

Rose shows off her slim body with short skirts from BSK and a popular white T-shirt, along side with a high-end bag from SAINT LAURENT PARIS 1.850 USD.

This simple bag isn’t cheap with price of $ 1750 (CÉLINE)

Black skirt cost 99,000 won (~ 85 USD) is mixed with GUCCI’s loafer ($ 1,100) and Saint Laurent bag which cost $ 2490.

UNIF’s cardigan ($ 98) looks more beautiful when it was dressed by Jisoo.

CHANEL’s backpack with “expensive” price of 3,900 USD

Glasses from GENTLE MONSTER is a very hot item in this summer ($ 230)

ALEXANDER WANG’s high-end trousers cost 525 USD , VETEMENTS’s boots cost 1185 USD, LV’s backpack mini ($ 1860) and Supreme T-shirt which has been fixed to become Jennie’s croptop.

Rose’s outfits with a black pull-shirt and jeans in combination with the white sneaker from Adidas ($ 289) and the Saint Laurent bag

Funny stories behind the scene: What do these couples do after finishing kiss scene?

Some of them might feel embarassed as HELL! But there are still those like IU who doesn’t even show any expression…

In “Doctor Romantic”, Seo Hyun Jin and male co-star Yoo Yeon Seok have a sweet kiss scene. As soon as the director yelled ” cut” , the couple burst into laughing and they felt extremely embarrassed.

In another scene, they were even closer, Hyun Jin also hit her partner at the end of the scene.

Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo have many impressive kiss scenes in the drama W. 

In fact, Han Hyo Joo was so embarrassed that she ran out after kissing Lee Jong Suk.

Kissing passionately, Kim Woo Bin and Suzy laughed as the director said ” cut” ( Uncontrollably Fond)

Suzy and Kim Woo Bin are shy when they kiss. Woo Bin is a close friend of Suzy’s lover, actor Lee Min Ho. (At that time)

Park Bo Gum showed off his politeness as he fixed the make-up for Kim Yoo Jung after kissing. They are in harmony with each other in the drama ”Love InThe Moonlight”

IU and Lee Jun Ki have many kiss scenes in Moon Lovers. Surprisingly, IU didn’t give out any special expressions but  Lee Jun Ki had a rather satisfying smile.

Have you ever imagined these male idols having tattoos?

Whether it is a temporary tattoo or edited tattoo, it is enough to make fans charmed.

Although tattoos mostly receive “negative” response, it can not be denied that tattoos always bring for male idols a manly and impressive image. But not everyone is brave enough to have a real tattoo on their bodies. That’s why we have prepared some photos of male idols with tattoos for you to see right below:

With a makeup like Sehun (EXO), he is considered by fans as the most manly idol, combined with rebellious tattoo.

He also draws some “fake” tattoos on his neck in concert.

Sehun’s photos to show off his six-pack for Leon makes fans crazy all over his great body. Now, it is even hotter when fans draw more manly tattoos for him.

If Chanyeol is filming with a gangster character, he must add some tattoos.

Jackson (GOT7) is famous for his dynamic and humorous image but he also looks like a “boss” when he has tattoos.

V (BTS) should consider using a fake tattoo once because he is so suitable for this.

Jungkook (BTS)  looks much more attractive with tattoos.

Jongup (B.A.P) 

Rapper Zelo (B.A.P) looks extremely impressed with tattoos.

Leader S.Coups (Seventeen) gives fangirls hell when appearing with fake tattoos on chest and neck in concert last year.

Pyramid represents for Seventeen and diamond represents for CARAT (name of fandom).