Did you know about these K-Pop idols’ “unique” habits ?

Even though they are celebrities, these handsome guys and beautiful girls still keep their habits since the first day becoming idols.

We often think that idols are the special people and hard to touch or understand their thoughts, but in fact, they are just ordinary boys and girls like us and also have their own habits. These habits helped them become closer  in fans’ eyes. There are some super-cute habits that idol has kept since they first debuted.

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

As a global star, G-Dragon has always shown respect to other artists with his “unique” bowing gestures. He has kept this habit since being a rookie until now. From the seniors to the juniors, GD still keep this humble and admirable expression.


Fans can easily catch the admirable moment when GD greeted other artists. Whether they are his senior or junior, he still express the respects to them by this way.

From a rookie to a top star, GD never gives up this habit.


IU is loved because of the beautiful appearance, inspirational vocal and even this lovely habit also make fans love her more and more. When invited to stage in order to receive the award, IU will happily spread out her hands as a child who is about to receive gifts. Fans also notice that IU has done this act since debut and she hasn’t changed for the past 10 years.



IU is cute as a child when put her two hands forward when going on stage to receive the award.

Taeyeon (SNSD)

Teayeon always takes the role for the high notes in songs. Whenever she was about to sing high and stretched notes, Taeyeon will stand up, look up to the sky, and close her eyes to create an impressive image.

Taeyeon’s image when singing the high note has impressed fans. Thanks to this habit, her performance looks so great.

Yoona (SNSD)

Yoona received a lot of love from everyone because of her glittering appearance as well as beautiful character. Yoona is always known for her friendly, kind personality. Yoona’s habit of writing by hands makes fans feel warm.

From debut to today, whenever completin a drama project, Yoona always sent gifts and greetings to the filming crew . And for fans, she also frequently does handwriting letters because she thinks it can help her confess words of her heart easier.

Yoona always writes letter for the film crew and her fans when she completed a movie

Jimin (BTS)

Jimin has a strong passion for ballet and also thanks to that passion, he possesses the flexible, fascinating dance moves . Jimin studied ballet since he was a child, so he always kept the habit of standing like a ballet dancer until now.

Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene love scents and she once said that she liked the smell of fabric softener and that was reason why we often catch the moments that she smells the aroma from her sleeves.

Irene’s “unique” habit is that smelling the fabric softener on her sleeves.

Leader of Red Velvet is so cute in that moments 

Joy (Red Velvet)

Joy has a funny habit which makes fans happy and sympathetic: when she is startled , she will put her hands up to the sky. Every time, Joy is startled, she will feel embarrassed and it’s hard to control her arms and legs, that moments are extremely cute.

Whenever Joy is surprised, her hands put up into the sky.

Joy’s greatest fear is probably fireworks, because every time the fireworks are shot on stage, Joy will immediately startle.

They are top Kpop stars but they still keep their casual habits. Do you know the other interesting habits of idols since their debut to now? Please feel free to share!


Top Kpop idols who own the most fashionable airport style

(KPOPLINE) – According to fans, who deserves to be Kpop “fashion icon” at the airport?

A few of people are interested in dressing beautifully on flights because everyone wants to feel comfortable especially on long trips. Perhaps the most familiar outfit for everybody is sports pants and baggy hoodie. But Kpop idols have proved their unique and eye-catching airport fashion styles. This seems to be the place for them to show off their beautiful and impressive styles.


Unlike other K-Pop idols, IUs tend to use “all black” sets that are never out of dated. Thanks to black outfit, IU‘s white skin is more outstanding. A cute beret hat is IU’s popular item, which help this costume look classic yet luxurious like a Parisian. If you want to go somewhere in winter holiday, check out IU’s fashion tips in order to own a perfect look.

Jessica Jung

Every time Jessica appears at the airport, fans are surprised and think that :she is going to attend a fashion week in somewhere in stead of just going on the plane. The founder of BLANCE & ECLARE has never made fans disappointed . Boyfriend jeans is more comfortable and more stylish than skinny, especially in long flight. Jessica also focuses on the clothes’ color to enhance her costume

Jin (BTS)

Jin has a pretty look, plus the smart selection of clotheshelp him feel extremely comfortable but stills attractive. His fashion style is probably one of the most perfect style for flights. Jin look so beautiful in the casual outfits , but sometimes he also goes with more formal styles.


If you want to refresh your wardrobe, let’s look at HyuA, she looks like a modern student in Westerns holding a cup of coffee and  just going past the crowd to get in time for morning class. A yellow jacket contrasting with black skirts made her outfit more eye-catching. The yellow costume can be mixed with many other neutral colors such as black or gray. If you do not like boots, sneakers are also a great alternation.


If you are flighting to a place that has sea, let’s bring all of costume (or at least a half) suitable to blue sea and the white sand like Sooyoung so that you can enjoy all the fun during holidays.


Suzy has a good taste in fashion. Even wearing a simple sweater with a black short skirt, she also looks pretty . Choosing bags or accessories is also very important to fit the overall look.

Airport fashion partly proves that G-Dragon deserves to appear in the front row in every fashion week. Even some of his outfits are only suitable for women, such as: brightly colored and printed logo shirts , but it is not hard for G-Dragon to try. He’s still very stylish and handsome. A leather jacket can make a attractive bad boy image.

Baekhyun (EXO)

Looking at Baekhyun’s winter outfits, anyone also can not escape the admiration. Whenever he appears at the airport,  he looked like a pro model in a photoshoot for a fashion magazine in stead of boarding on a plane. His collection of autumn outfits looks very luxurious!

Ever wonder what your favorite K-pop idols smell like?

Korean media outlet 1theK created a nifty list of various idol favorites over the past weekend and here are some of our faves that we saw

Okay, so before you accuse us of being creepy, we’re talking about perfumes here. Like most of us, K-pop idols have their own preferred fragrances that they love wearing. BTS’s Jungkook likes using women’s perfume (another one aside from the one listed here being Victoria’s Secret’s Noir Tease), EXO’s Kyungsoo patronizes woody scents, and SNSD’s Yoona is a sucker for Issey Miyake perfumes.

Korean media outlet 1theK created a nifty list of various idol favorites over the past weekend and here are some of our faves that we saw:

1. Jungkook from BTS – Bulgari Omnia Paraiba

“This eau de toilette is a luscious creation, intertwining the freshness of bigarade oranges with the exuberant passion flower.”

2. Chanyeol from EXO – Creed Silver Mountain Water

“A bestseller since its launch, this modern scent captures the purity of the mountains-soft, milky-sweet blackcurrants mixed with green tea, the richness of bergamot, and sandalwood.”

3. Leo from VIXX – Versace Man Eau Fraiche

“Carambola immediately contrasts with the traditional White Lemon and the noble Rose Wood. The distinctive character of Cedar Leaves rises up, highlighting the vibrant notes of Tarragon and the manliness of Clary Sage. An irresistible trail of Sycamore Wood, enveloping Amber and sparkling Musk offer mysterious and skin-deep sensations.”

4. Yongguk from BAP – Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily

“Rare Kyara wood. Prized in the Kohdo ceremony, the highly ritualised Japanese art of incense appreciation. Enriched with amber and black orchid. Illuminated by the clean sensuality of black cardamom, ginger and water lily. Calm and relaxing.”

5. Jinyoung from GOT7 – Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay

“Childhood memories of blackberry picking…A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Vibrant and verdant.”

6. Jonghyun from SHINEE – Hermes Voyage D’Hermes

“An interplay of paradoxes, complements and unexpected alliances upholds the premise of woody notes that are fresh yet musky, familiar yet surprising, hovering between impulsive and comforting, equally at ease with men as with women.”

7. Shownu from Monsta X – Ferrari Black

“Top notes are lime, plum, bergamot and red apple; middle notes are cinnamon, jasmine, rose and cardamom; base notes are amber, vanilla, musk and cedar.”

8. Kang Daniel from Wanna One – Creed Aventus

“Top notes are blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple. Heart includes rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine and patchouli, while base notes are oak moss, musk, ambergris, and vanilla.”

9. G-Dragon from Big Bang – Frédéric Malle Musc Ravageur

“Musc Ravageur is an uncompromising oriental that runs against current fads. Its explosive departure of bergamot, tangerine and cinnamon is set against a backdrop of vanilla, musk and amber. A sexy, turbulent perfume.”

10. Kikwang from Highlight – CK ONE by Calvin Klein

“Right and effervescent, a combination of bergamot, cardamom, tangerine, freesia and lavender. In the middle has green tea accord that travels from top to bottom, contributing to the signature of CK ONE with expressions of violet, rose and orange flower. End notes are musk combined with amber create a sensuous drydown, completing the effect of fullness and warmth.”

11. Seulgi from Red Velvet – Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms

“A floral-fruity fantasy, sweet and colorful. It opens with passionfruit and honeysuckle. At its heart, a perfect union of Turkish rose and jasmine. Woody-musky trail is light and comfortable.”

12. Yoona from SNSD – Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey

“A bouquet of fresh, white flowers. A fresh aquatic floral.”

13. Kei from Lovelyz – Christian Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

“Its heart holds a tender accord of Peony and Damascus Rose refreshed by a radiant Calabrian Bergamot. The poetic trail is enveloped in soft notes of White Musk. A floral springtime creation for a playful and charming Miss Dior.”

14. Yerin from GFRIEND – Anna Sui Romantica Exotica

“Fresh top notes of lemon, grapefruit and blackcurrant give an exotic fruit impression. The floral heart develops with jasmine, lotus and neroli. Sandalwood, gardenia and cottonwood remain in the base.”

15. Sungjae from BTOB – Prada Luna Rossa

“Intensity and freshness of accords are emphasized by the use of classical notes in new, innovative ways. Those notes include lavender absolute and bitter orange in the top, clary sage and spearmint in the heart, and ambrette absolute and ambroxan molecule in the base.”

Source: Scout

Shocked with the ”18+ extra” gifts that Kpop idols received from their fans

(KPOPLINE) – Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, … there are so many other things but they chose to give them such… strange gifts!

Along with the meaning gifts, lovely from the fans, Kpop Idols also received many 18+ gifts, which make both fans and idols laugh out loud.

And here are the Kpop idols who receive such ’embarassing’ gifts!

1. Jo Kwon (2AM)

2AM’s leader also made netizens stirring when showing the 19+ unique mousepad he received in Japan on KBS2TV’s “Star Life Theater”.

After that, in the episode “One Night of TV Entertainment” broadcasting in April 2012, Jo Kwon was questioned by other members about the gift. He simply explained that he received this gift in Japan, even a shop hung his photo to sell goods, making people burst out laughing.

2. Ilhoon (BtoB)

In 2014, IIhoon also made the audience surprised with the gift he received – a 19+ video. The BTOB member replied, “Ilhoon is the one who gets it, but Changsub likes it better.”

The story becomes more humorous when they shared that they don’t even know where the video comes from

3. Hongki (F.T.Island)

Lee Hongki has shared some crazy but interesting stories related to the presents fans gave him on JTBC’s “Witch Hunt”. The special gift was a condom donated by a fan at the autograph session. His fans also did not forget to remind him that “He can freely use it with anyone!”

4. Jin (BTS)

By the end of 2014, BTS fans spreaded a photo from a cooking tutorial that Jin posted on the group’s blog. Fans quickly realized that it was a condom right in the group’s dormitory.

After that, Big Hit had to say: “The object in the picture is actually a condom, which is the gift that BTS received from the fans.” And since this was a small incident, the company did not make official statement about it.

After the photos were spreaded, fans said that it could be overseas fans’ gift because they don’t have any condom brands with the same name in Korea.

5. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

On “Radio Star”  program, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has made people surprise when telling a joke about a special gift from the fans.

Accordingly, he said, “In Japan, I was given an “adult product” from a fan.I never used it before, but the most memorable thing for me was when Is the letter accompanying this gift. In the letter, the fan wrote that I could ask Eunhyuk about how to use this product. “ The story made the MCs and guests burst out loud.

6. Minhyuk (BtoB) 

Not only IIhoon but also BTOB’s Minhyuk is also given unique gifts by fans. Before that, he also gained attention when he had his red pant torn apart on TV show. Thanks to this incident, he even has more fans!

Minhyuk’s incident on the stage

Not only that many fans also have the surprise gift for him which is an erotic CD and a condom and the words “Hope you’re happy!”, which was shared on the radio “Radio Star” episode November 11, 2015.