Jungkook Posts Emotional “Breathe” Cover, And Haters Attack Him


Jungkook decided to bless everyone’s ears and hearts with an emotional acapella cover of Lee Hi’s “Breathe.”






The song has been gaining a lot of attention recently since it was composed by the late Jonghyun of SHINee. “Breathe” hits close to heart for a lot of people as the lyrics are very personal to Jonghyun. Lee Hi herself couldn’t hold back tears when she performed it as a tribute to Jonghyun at the 2018 Golden Disc Awards.


Jungkook is also a huge fan of the song, as is evident in this fancam of him watching Lee Hi perform it.


Look at the way, Jungkook was singing along to “breathe”by Lee Hi, this beautiful song has really so much meaning behind it😭 #WeLoveYouJungkook


Needless to say, this was an amazing surprise and gift to many of his fans.


Waking up to Jungkook singing Breathe is something I didn’t know I needed. 🙌🏼


But while many people enjoyed his cover, there were reports that Jungkook was getting hated on for posting it. On Weibo the hashtag “#田柾国死无全尸” was trending, which roughly means “Jeon Jungkook die a horrible death” but the literal translation means hoping he dies and his body is not intact.


jungkook getting death threats on weibo for releasing a beautiful cover is fucking so disrespectful and antis are fucking crazy. leave him alone bc his cover was only meant to be enjoyed and not used as an excuse for yall to hate on him #WeLoveYouJungkook


Honeslty to the people who are bashing and threatening jungkook, have you guys not learned yet? About what happened to jonghyun? All the hate he received and had to deal with? He was already depressed enough and he took his own life, he wrote breathe for the people who are also-


Going through hard times and are barely making it through their life. Now you guys are getting pissed at jungkook for singing a cover of breathe? Saying it’s for attention? Do you even know how much impact it can put on these idols? Jungkook is special, talented, a kind human-

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Even leaving some fans to worry about him.

𝑗𝑒𝑧 🥀@soulstaece

idk but jungkook singing breathe (wc is composed by jonghyun) just hit me,, is jungkook having a hard time? i hope not.. or if ever, i wanna let him know armys will always be here for him as well as his hyungs and family

[#iHeartAwards #BestBoyBand #BTS @BTS_twt]

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Noona Fan@rumbleinla

I’m so worried that Jungkook is giving us signals and we are ignoring it under the statement “anti may use this”. Between the lyrics of “ease” that he said he loves, the wrist fiasco & now “breathe”. I hope I’m wrong. I want someone to hold him & listen to him

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But ARMY was able to drive all that hate away and started trending the hashtag #WeLoveYouJungkook to overcome all the negativity.


Why is Jungkook getting hate for covering “Breathe”? He was basically honoring an amazing artist that everyone loved. #WeLoveYouJungkook #BTS

Replying to @vantaekim @BTS_twt

can somebody explain me why #WeLoveYouJungKook is trending? i’m so lost and reading all these tweets makes me sad😭


Jungkook made a cover of “Breathe” by Lee Hi, lyrics by Jonghyun. Antis were so rudes and disrespectful wishing him horrible things. And we want to show how much we love him. #WeLoveYouJungkook


We love you Jungkook!