Idols with bright hair colous that look like delicious ice-creams

These hair colors do not only make Korean idols look more attractive but also make them look like … ‘movable’ ice-creams.

It is a great winter weather to eat ice-creams. Sometimes idols also “steal” the ice-cream idea to create their own hairstyle, which sometimes turn them into movable ice-creams.

Key (SHINee) – The rainbow vanilla ice-cream

This rainbow hair color makes fans think of the Vanila ice-cream like an unicorn !!

HyunA – The Berry Blast ice-cream

With blue and purple as the main tones, HyunA looks so “cool” and pretty like a “Berry Blast” ice -cream.

JeongHan (Seventeen) – The chocolate ice-cream

JeongHan (Seventeen) ‘rocks’ this chocolate brown hair colour, which makes him look like a real chocolate ice cream.

IU – The caramel ice-cream

The blonde hair color of IU is similar to a caramel ice-cream.

Ji Hoon (Wanna One) – The strawberry ice-cream

Pink is one of the highlight dye in 2017. It looks like the sweet pink of a strawberry ice-cream.

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) – The vanilla ice-cream

The platinum hair of TaeYeon looks like a Vanilla ice-cream

Hoshi (SEVENTEEN) – The mango ice-cream

Baro (B1A4) – The candyfloss ice-cream

Sehun (EXO) – The banana ice-cream

Hani (EXID) – The mint ice-cream

Jun (SEVENTEEN) – The sweet potato ice-cream

TOP (Big Bang) – The blueberry ice-cream

Suga (BTS) – The matcha ice-cream

S.Coups (SEVENTEEN) – The Red Velvet ice-cream

What is your favorite ice-cream? Does your idol have the same color as your favorite cream?


The list of the 10 best-selling Korean movies in 2017

Let’s review the top 10 best-selling movies of Korean cinema last year.

2017 is a successful year of Korean cinema both at the box office in the country and film festivals around the world. Here are 10 of the highest-grossing Korean dramas, one of them even belongs to 10 million tickets club.

10. The Fortress

The amount of audience: 3,849,087

Revenue: 29,223,289 USD

With the A rank casts: Kim Yoon Suk, Lee Byung Hun, Park Hae Il, Go Soo, Park Hee Soon, etc. The Fortress gained a lot of attention at the box office during Chuseok season. Later on, it was unexpectedly defeated by The Outlaws.

9. Steel Rain

The amount of audience: 4,013,214

Revenue: 29,936,235 USD

After 18 days premiere since December 14th, Steel Rain of Jung Woo Sung and Kwak Do Won reached 4 million audiences. The plot is based on the same name webtoon. It revolves the familiar theme of the two Korea.

8. The Swindlers

The amount of audience: 4,018,035

Revenue: 29,304,661 USD

The Swindlers is one of two movies that helped Hyun Bin find his popularity again this year. The movie is still better than Steel Rain in terms of audiences. However, it will soon be overtaken in a few days.

7. The King

The amount of audience: 5,317,383

Turnover: 40.699.204 USD

Besides Steel Rain, in 2017, “the most good-looking actor” Jung Woo Sung also has another best-selling movie “The King”. The political drama gathers two men Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung as The Wolf of Wall Street.

6. Midnight Runners

The amount of audience: 5,653,270

Turnover: 41,535,939 USD

The plot is so funny and lovely with Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. The low budget movie Midnight Runners is a surprise hit at the Korean box office last year. It attracted more than 5 million tickets. This is the most successful of the three films released this year of Kang Ha Neul.

5. The Battleship Island

The amount of audience: 6,592,151

Turnover: 47,272,405 USD

Despite controversiality, The Battleship Island still set many records at the Korean box office in the first week of release. Unfortunately, the movie has been dropping dramatically in the second week. Although the amount of audiences is nearly 6.6 million, The Battleship Island still suffer losses due to production costs are too high.

4. The Outlaws

The amount of audience: 6,879,844

Turnover: 52,707,570 USD

The Outlaws has been a phenomenon in the past year as it has comeback against rivals “The Fortress” to lead the box office for weeks. In addition, this is also one of the most popular 18 + movies in Korean history.

3. Confidential Assignment

The amount of audience: 7,817,631

Turnover: 59,694,093 USD

Although Confidential Assignment is not highly appreciated for quality content, the movie of Hyun Bin and Yoo Ji Tae has still topped the box office in 2017 for nearly nine months, before being overtaken by A Taxi Driver and Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds pushed down to No.3.

2.  Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds

The amount of audience: 8,535,735

Turnover: 63,940,354 USD

The part 1 of this movie has reached 850 billion VND, Along with the Gods has reached 8,5 million viewers after just 12 days of release. It is expected to be in the 10 million tickets club in this week. The part 2 has set the release date is 1/8/2018.

1. A Taxi Driver

The amount of audience: 12,186,327

Turnover: 89.708.606 USD

Up to now, the national movie “A Taxi Driver” is the only 10 million tickets movie in 2017. This is also the movie that helped actor Song Kang Ho become the first actor to have three films reached the 10 million audiences, after The Host and The Attorney.


New MBC dramas won’t be airing until March 2018

It seems K-drama fans will have to wait a bit longer for new MBC dramas until springtime due to scheduling conflicts with the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics.

On January 2, a representative of MBC stated, “Although it would be possible to put out programs to fit our schedules, we thought it would be best to slowly and gradually release upcoming series in the near future.  Such decisions were made in order to satisfy viewers in providing whole and complete content.”

The rep continued, “With that being said, new dramas have been scheduled to be broadcast in March.  Once the current shows like ‘Two Cops‘ and ‘I Am Not a Robot’ conclude towards the end of January, the scheduled slots will be shifted to cover the ‘Pyeonchang 2018 Winter Olympics’,” and described new shows won’t be airing from late January until March.


4 Dramas That Proved Chemistry Has No Age Limit

We all love dramas with a good romance, and there have been quite a few dramas that proved there is no age limit when it comes to chemistry.

Recent SBS drama “Degree of Love” had a 6-year difference between the two leads, SBS’s “I Hear Your Voice” and tvN’s “A Witch’s Romance” featured a 10-year age gap, and JTBC’s “Secret Love Affair” had 20 years between their main leads, yet all four of the romances were quite popular.

Here are the four dramas where the lead actors showed great chemistry, despite their age gap:

1. Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk in “I Hear Your Voice”

As the main leads of “I Hear Your Voice,” Lee Bo Young played lawyer Jung Hye Sung, and Lee Jong Suk played Park Soo Ha, who has the ability to read minds.

Hye Sung is nine years older than Soo Ha, but she is clueless and immature, while Soo Ha is much more rational and calm, having lost his family at a young age. Soo Ha had always wanted to thank Hye Sung as she saved him by standing up against injustice when she was just a high school student.

Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk actually share a 10-year age difference, but the two actors showed undeniable chemistry, and won plenty of awards to prove it.

2. Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong in “Degree of Love”

Seo Hyun Jin took on the role of 34-year-old Lee Hyun Soo, who has a lot of thoughts, while Yang Se Jong played 28-year-old chef On Jung Sun, who has a lot of worries.

The two enjoyed a brief romance before they were separated, and reunited five years later, starting their official relationship. Hyun Soo and Jung Sun have nothing in common from their personalities, home environments, and current situations, but they are always willing to understand each other.

Interestingly enough, Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong were actually co-stars in “Romantic Doctor Kim” before pairing up as a couple for “Degree of Love.”

3. Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon in “A Witch’s Romance”

39-year old powerful news reporter Min Ji Yeon (played by Uhm Jung Hwa) steps down to being a small newspaper writer in order to complete an investigation. She is acknowledged for her ability to report on news when others fail to, but she is very lonely.

14 years younger than Ji Yeon, Yoon Dong Ha (played by Park Seo Joon) is a wandering youth who gave up his dream of becoming a doctor after the death of his girlfriend.

“Witch’s Romance” follows the story of a woman who works hard in life and a man who lacks drive, and all events that occur in between.

4. Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In in “Secret Love Affair”

JTBC’s 2014 drama “Secret Love Affair” saw a female character that stayed true to one’s desires through Kim Hee Ae’s portrayal of Oh Hye Won.

40-year-old piano teacher Hye Won engages in a relationship with 20-year-old student Lee Sun Jae (played by Yoo Ah In). Through their relationship, Hye Won is able to look back on herself and her greed for power, and Sun Jae gains recognition for his unrealized potential.

Overcoming the 20-year age gap, the two characters captured their fearful and dangerous love, which was sparked by their shared interest in piano.

Which of these dramas are your favorite? Do you have any other dramas that prove there is no age limit to chemistry?