Here’s How Red Velvet’s Irene Reacted To TWICE Nayeon’s Love Confession


The cutest interaction between Red Velvet’s Irene and TWICE’s Nayeon happened during the Idol Star Athletic Championships!

Warning: Beware of cuteness beyond compare!

As Irene was passing by, Nayeon called out to her.

Irene stopped to face Nayeon, and…


Nayeon adorably confessed her love to Irene by surprising her with a finger-heart!

Irene burst into the happiest smile, filling the whole stadium with joy!

Nayeon went on to cutely confess her love for the rest of her Red Velvet friends!

We totally ship the Narene (Nayeon+Irene)!

Watch Nayeon confess her love to Irene below:

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Girls’ Generation Seohyun Opens Up About What Made Her Leave SM

She did it for Seo Juhyun.

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun opened up about her decision to start anew with a new label on an episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together.

Seohyun left SM Entertainment in October 2017, a few months after the group’s 10 year anniversary.

Seohyun revealed that she left SM Entertainment in order to take her career in a new direction.


“Girls Generation hit its 10th anniversary and we talked a lot together about various things. There were many things we could do as a group but we wanted to fulfill our individual dreams too.”

She wanted to know what she could accomplish as Seo Juhyun (her birth name), instead of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

“I want to live as an individual. I’ve lived as best as I can as a celebrity, but I wanted to know what I wanted as a person named Seo Juhyun. I wanted to look back on my life and figure that out.”

Since leaving SM Entertainment, Seohyun has signed with Sublime Artist Agency and has been focusing on her career as an actress.

Watch Seohyun’s full interview below:

Airline Stewardess Poured Ramen On A Model’s Lap Causing Severe Burns

The airline didn’t have the proper medication to treat her extreme burns.

Asiana Airlines‘ stewardess poured a hot bowl of ramen on a passenger’s lap, causing severe burns.

The passenger’s identity was not revealed, news reports named her as a former model with the last name Jang.

The incident happened in March of 2014, during a flight from Incheon to Paris.

Bowl of ramen served on an airplane.

The model was seated in business class, and the plane was mid-flight when the stewardess passed through the aisle with a hot bowl of ramen. Due to turbulence, the stewardess accidentally spilled the hot bowl of ramen on the model’s lap.


Her thigh area and lower stomach were heavily burned.

The burns she suffered ranged from second-degree burns and third-degree burns.

Photo of Asiana Airline’s business class seating.

Jang sued the airline and the stewardess for her burns, and the court awarded her around $100,000 USD. Asiana Airlines and the stewardess were decreed to split the cost.

After her 3-year long court case was finally concluded, Jang opened up about the mistreatment she faced from the airline. The airline didn’t have the proper medical supplies to treat her wounds immediately.

“When the incident happened, I asked the airline staff to please check if there was a doctor on board. The staff did not comply with my requests. They did not have anti-burn gauze or any emergency medicine to treat my burns. The only things I was given were some cream and a bag of ice. It was only when I reached Paris, that I was able to properly treat the burns.”

— Jang

Jang will have to undergo years of treatment for her burns, which critically affects her career as a model.

“Furthermore, I have to continue getting corrective surgery for the next 10 years and even then, proper recovery is hard according to doctors. Even my private areas were burned during the incident. Doctors said that it might have an effect on future plans for pregnancy as well.”

— Jang 

13 Sexiest Outfits Ever Worn By IU

Who knew IU could be so sexy!

1This lacey black number that showed off her legs, arms, and midriff.

2The classic boyfriend fit white button-up shirt paired with tiny black shorts.

3This form fitting sweater that was conservative & daring all at once.

4IU in this gorgeous backless dress that shows off thigh too? Yes, please!

5Looking ready to dominate the world in this sexy leather outfit.

6She’s a showstopper in this short, red off-the-shoulder dress.

7Perfect Netflix & chill look.

8IU in this low-cut halter top dress is honestly heart attack inducing.

9Imagine waking up to IU looking this gorgeous every morning.

10Serving sexy street wear looks.

11Check out this casual white short shorts & button-up crop top look on IU. Effortlessly sexy.

12The velvet crop-top & high waisted shorts combo on IU is devastatingly gorgeous.

13Crop top? Short shorts? See-through button up? AND a garter? It’s a lot of sexy IU to process.