Here’s How BTS’ Taehyung looks with ZERO makeup

Here’s what Taehyung really looks like when he wears no makeup.

It’s not a secret anymore that having a profession as an idol requires perfect appearance, in which, at many times, makeup has become one of the solutions to perfect the visual. However, in case of Taehyung, it seems like he does not really need it as he looks just the same with or without makeup. Cannot believe it? You can see the photos below.

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Do you know these unique traits of Korean stars’ fashion style?

(KPOPLINE) – If you want to own Korean style, you should try these following styles.

Hallyu trends are increasingly popular in the world and Kpop’s fashion trends are also popular among young people.

Let’s look back at fashionable styles that should be learned from Kpop stars to get impression.

1. Colorful costumes

Instead of simple costumes, we should try to colorful costumes. We will be outstanding and become modern Hallyu girls.

2. Student style

Student concepts are no stranger to Korean idols. With only a small variation in mixing, Korean stars have unique uniforms which can make you stand out at school. You should also learn these idols right away and mix them like this.

Cute as TWICE

Cool like Black Pink.

And outstanding as Red Velvet.

3. Statement coat

In winter, we have opportunity to admire unique coats of Korean idols including statement coat. Not only unique design, but also this coat reminds classical, luxurious and noble feeling for wearers.

4. Sparkling SEQUIN costume

Sparkling SEQUIN costume is perfect choice for exciting parties. It helps the wearer more prominent and attractive. You can refer to these idols’ costumes below.

5. Mysterious black costume

Black is always the top choice for those who love mysterious, sexy and seductive beauty. Besides, “black” is suitable for all bodies, so you can easily hide drawbacks.


Not only in Korea but also in other countries, Denim is always loved by young people because it is easy to mix. Whether pursuing a gentle or cool style, you should also own at least one denim.

7. Tropical style

In summer 2017, we can see that Kpop idols’ trend is tropical style.This style is very comfortable and cool with unique patterns such as grass, flowers, animals, trees, etc. These outfits help you to have both traditional and modern style, which is also one of trends to learn.

8. ROCK Style

Rock style is also a favorite for young people. For those who love rebellious beauty, you can also learn these idols below.

9. Glasses 

Glasses become a must-have accessory for fashion lovers. It does not only help increase personality, but also makes us more fashionable. So, you should learn this style right away.

10. Hairstyle transformation

It is the last point to have a perfect look, this is hair. From hair style, hair dyeing or styling, it must also fits your concept. Hair also contributes to your perfect appearance.

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Watch how Song Joong Ki transformed his fashion style through different dramas

(KPOPLINE) – Although the number of dramas he attended is not so great, each character he took leaves a special impression thanks to his attractive fashion style.

Song Joong Ki is currently one of leading actors of Korean entertainment. Song Joong Ki is not only highly appreciated with his talent and excellent appearance but also for the good way he takes care of each character. Although the number of dramas he attended is not much, each character leaves a special impression thanks to his attractive fashion style.

In 2009, joining “Triple” with actress Min Hyorin, Song Joong Ki is like a fresh wind blowing into Korean entertainment with a handsome and gentle student image.

He prefers to wear layers and oftens uses white T-shirts inside and cardigan outside to look more prominent.

He likes simple style so he is quite comfortable with youthful sportswears. Song Joong Ki’s body is not as well-shaped as it is now but it looked fit.

“Nice Guy” is the first drama Song Joong Ki takes on lead actor. In order to fit into a medical student character, Song Joong Ki had to have mushroom hairstyle, combined with round glasses. All of these glorify his naive and chubby face at that time.

Then, Song Joong Ki changes to a new style with curly hairstyle. However, he is still loyal to shirt and dark pants.

In the second half of the drama, he appears with rough hairstyle combined with elegant suit. It is quite fashionable at that time.

After Song Joong Ki is discharged from the army, he comes back with “Descendants of the Sun”. He makes many people admired because of his manly and strong image in a beautiful soldier uniform.

A combination of black costumes, T-shirts, coat along with a cap that made actor look exactly like a real and mysterious agent.

Although many years have passed, he is still attached to these shirts. Perhaps, this costume is the best with “manly” image that Song Joong Ki wants to create.

(Source: Summary)