Fans mistake these idols as twins/ siblings because of their similar appearance

(KPOPLINE) – The similarity of these Korean stars makes many people think that they are missing twins.

They don’t own the same blood but these Kpop idols makes fans “panic” because they sometimes look so similar. What is the identity of these Kpop idols?

1. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) – Minhyuk (BTOB)

Moonbyul and Minhyuk is the twin which have almost the same appearance. Even though, Minhyuk called Moon Byul his “little sister”, which made fans fascinated with their friendship. Fans find out this similarity since Minhyuk (BTOB)  transformed as a girl.

The story of the missing twins originates from the story of Minhyuk dressing up as a girl.

They looks almost the same. It makes many fans thought that they are true siblings.

2. Wonwoo (Seventeen) – Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Wonwoo (Seventeen) and Seulgi (Red Velvet) also surprised fans with the same appearance. In real life, they are also very close friends.

The similarity of Seulgi and Wonwoo might make fans confused.

3. Kang Daniel (Wanna One) – Ailee

Ailee also revealved her twin brother Kang Daniel (Wanna One) during their meeting at the MAMA 2017. These photos of this couple have received many comments about their similarity that makes them both very happy about.

Ailee unexpectedly discovered twin brother Kang Daniel at MAMA 2017.

Their face, especially their miley eyes of Ailee and Kang Daniel completely convinced fans that they are the talented K-pop twins.

4. Jin (BTS) – Jisoo (Black Pink)

Fans found out the similarity between Jin (BTS) and Jisoo (Black Pink) from ‘Inkigayo’ when Jisoo and Jin were standing on the same stage for the comeback of BTS on the show.

In the same frame at the “Inkigayo”, fans suddenly realized the similarity between Jin (BTS) and Jisoo (Black Pink).

At this angle, they are very similar.

They are similar from the facial structure to the nose and the mouth shape.

5. Guanlin (Wanna One) – Sulli

The youngest boy of Wanna One, Lai Guanlin has a good-looking appearance and impressive style on the stage. He also surprised fans when becoming the female version of Sulli.

Guanlin is compared to Sulli when she makes up as a boy

Even many fans also make fun of Lai Guanlin’s photos with long hair and make up. He looks like Sulli 100%.

6. JungKook (BTS) – Ye In (Lovelyz)

Another twins of Kpop is JungKook (BTS) and Ye In (Lovelyz). They also make fans amazed because of their similarity.

The face matches in every details of Kook and Ye In.

No matter what angles are, the two idols still resemble.

7. Sohee – Xiumin (EXO)

The last duo is Sohee (former member of Wonder Girls) and Xiumin (EXO). They both have single eyelids, curved brows and chubby cheeks.

The similarity from angles to expressions are the same.


Can’t help laughing with idols’ hilarious music trophy celebrations

(KPOPLINE) – Every week we welcome new winners for different music shows, but these are still the funniest acceptance speech and celebrations ever!

Achieving the highest ranking and winning the trophies on major music shows is always the wish of all the active idols in Kpop music. And to commemorate the extremely memorable victories they have worked so hard to achieve, the idols have come up with such unique celebration.


What do they do after winning? They will eat noodles… MAMAMOO created a “unique” scene when carrying up bowls of noodles that slurped on stage.


aA They put lipsticks on Key as a trophy celebration. Look how Key was suffering, his face shows the “depression” too. 


SM’s girls hesitated at nothing when bring “lion head” on the stage to celebrate ‘Lion Heart”s winning


The members did sexy dance on stage to celebrate ‘Run’ first win. This was created by ‘the Comedy King’ J-hope.


After TWICE won a trophy on Music Bank, they threw all those cute beauties away and wore on funny facial expressions


GOT7 likes to play “puzzles”. The boys who were underneath and suffered the weight of Mark and BamBam jumping on their backs.


The huge difference between little smiles and wide laughters of Korean stars

Sometimes we even ask ourselves whether it is the same person or not…

Many Korea stars own beautiful smile. However, their gentle beauty suddenly disappears every time they laugh out loud. Then, they all become the most friendly brothers/ sisters in your neighborhood.

How ‘Miss Korea’ Lee Yeon Hee’s laughing is different from her standard smile:

Lee Yeon Hee possesses the charming beauty when she smles. And when she laughs more brightly, she looks much more friendly and easy-going.

‘Sexy Queen’ Lee Hyori also has her overexcited moments:

“National Fairy” Lee Hyori inherited a gummy smile. When laughing, the singer also revealed many wrinkles

Therefore, it is said that wrinkles are the enemy of women!

When she laughed, Shin Min Ah looked older with many wrinkles revealed, as opposed to her charming beauty when she smiles

‘Goddess’ Son Naeun (A Pink) with the huge transformation when she laughs hard:

Have you ever seen Naeun to laugh this hard these days? 

The definition of “gummy smile”

The gummy smile is one of Goo Hara’s biggest drawbacks

However, it’s okay because she has covered her mouth when she laughs

She looks much more elegant


When he laughed with joy, Taemin (SHINee) suddenly looks cuter than ever!

Two sides of a boy – Lee Hyun Woo:

Lee Hyun Woo’s gummy smile reveals when he shows big laughters

Hyun Bin – the gentleman’s smile and the sunbae’s big laughter

The opposite image of the man when he is with his girlfriend and with his friends

Kang Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neul looks so innocent with his gummy smile.