Fabulous photos of K-pop idols through master-nims’ camera lenses, you’ll be fainted seeing V (BTS)

(KPOPLINE) – How many of you have a secret folder of idols’ gorgeos photos from master-nim at concerts/ events?

Sehun (EXO)

EXO-L’s master-nim are quite famous for their investment in cameras as well as photographing skills.

The harmony of the shooting angle and the stage lighting created Sehun’s photo

Without going to the concert, fans still have the opportunity to watch Oh Sehun in a white shirt in the rain

Master-nim can even capture the water drop on Sehun’s chin

Sehun under the fansite lens looks like a statue.

Jimin (BTS)

BTS’s fansite is also famous for their skillful hands

Jimin’s high jump photo in contemporary dance at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2016 made many people admire

Jimin looks like an angel with the smoke from his breath

He can even control fire…

One of Jimin’s most famous photos from his fansite master-nim

Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

Kang Daniel also owns wonderful pictures from his fansite master-nim

While he is standing…

When performing a powerful dance, the lens of the fansite still keep pace with this photo

Daniel shines really bright on the stage

His photo is a perfect work of art


V always stands out and shines in the photos of the masternim

Look at his dreamy eyes, so beautiful!

That legendary night when Taehyung becomes viral with those photos and gifs of him making smoke in the air

Even non-fans can’t resist this stunning visual

The most handsome man on earth – Kim Tae Hyung

Kai (EXO)

 Kai’s perfect expressive on the stage…

… is what made many fans proud

Every movement of Kai and the water around him is captured in this photo…

.. and give us the “masterpiece” like this!

This photo looks like a real work of art from a professional photographer


Recently, WINNER owns a bunch of artistic photos from their private ‘master-nim’ named Song Mino…

Both the photographer and the model are deep in feeling

Jinwoo through the lens of Song Master-nim

Maybe Mino should set up his own twitter soon to update his photos

Chungha announces her official logo and color

(KPOPLINE) – It is extremely rare for solo artists in Kpop to have their own logos, fandom names and colors.

Recently, on December 24, MNH Entertainment revealed Kim Chungha’s official logo and color. The official logo is a shape of a Crescent moon. The combination of three colors: Pantone 374C, 332C and 358C, represents for Chungha’s talents. Rather than a simple genre or stage, she always works hard to bring various kinds of music and to make new trends for her fans.

Chungha excitedly expressed her feeling after seeing her official logo and color: “Chungha is a passionate moon, who puts in a great deal of efforts for the sake of change and challenges. Chungha is not afraid to appear in front of the public and she is like a moon, changing day by day.”

Currently, Chungha is preparing to make a comeback in 2018. She also released a dance cover of Taemin’s MOVE.

After MIXNINE, JTBC will continue to produce the first reality crime show in cooperation with YG in Korea.

In particular, a member of WINNER and Kwon Hyun Bin of JBJ will also be participating in the reality show “Let’s Live Kindly”.

In fact, YG and JTBC have worked together on many projects and the latest is MIXNINE. Currently, this reality show has only been produced and broadcast halfway through. However, the YG management and the radio decided to cooperate again to produce a special reality show not about idols.

Poster highlight the throny and violence of the new reality show

The program will be called “Let’s Live Kindly,” promising to reveal what really happened to people when they committed crimes and received punishment. Not to mention, it would not be a simple process, but the actual show would give the audience a long, long way from captivity to trial. And this will be the first reality show in Korea to address this sensitive issue. Known, “Let’s Live Kindly” was directed by producer Je Young Jae of “Infinite Challenge” and Kim Min Jong, who worked for “Real Men”. These manufacturers say they plan to delve into the hard work of correction workers to promote the message of the importance of not guilty.

In addition, “Let’s Live Kindly” also revealed that the program will record the reality at the police station, the court and the prison. In addition, many police and law enforcement officials will also participate in the program.

YG expressed ambition in the field of reality show from mid-2017 to now

As for the cast, this show will host many celebrities like Kim Bo Sung, Park Gun Hyung, Kim Jong Min, Don Spike, Yoo Byung Jae, especially male idol Kim Jin Woo of WINNER and Kwon Hyun Bin. of the rookie group JBJ. The first episode of “Let’s Live Kindly” will air at 9pm on January 19th, 2018.

YG is aiming for the reality show as it continually produces many programs like this. The first was MIXNINE, followed by a reality show about dating that is causing a stir and is now a crime show. What do you think of this new activity of YG?