Despite top beauty and huge success, SNSD’s girls still find no luck in their love lives

(KPOPLINE) – Although SNSD’s girls have achieved a lot in their career, they can’t avoid getting troubles with their relationships

They currently are not active together after Tiffany, Seohyun, Sooyoung left the group. The name “SNSD” is still a monument to their remarkable achievements in the hearts of their fans. SNSD with the title “the National Group” is still the biggest attraction of K-pop. Even though they are now seperated, SNSD keeps receiving great attention from the audience and people. Despite being famous, these girls have bad experiences with their relationships.


SNSD’s Yuri used to have relationship with Oh Seung Hhwan – a famous baseball player. When they went public, eveyone was cheerful and happy because they were a perfect couple. Unfortunately, they had to break up just after 6 months due to their busy schedule and lack of time being together.

Reporters captured Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan on dates in November and December 2014

After that, when Dispatch revealed the romantic photos of the couple in April 2015, their representatives confirmed the rumour

The couple rumoured to be getting married after the photos of Yuri with Oh Seung Hwan’s brother at his mother’s birthday party were revealed..


Baekhyun (EXO) and Taeyeon officially dated in November 2014. Baekhyun was a big fan of her. He expressed his affection and admiration to his female colleague who is older than him 3 years old.

Even though Taeyeon is 3 years older than Baekhyun, it’s not the matter because they look good together as well as being top vocals in SM.

However, as expected, their relationship didn’t last longer. Taeyeon and Baekhyun officially ended up their relationship on September 15 after a year and 3 months of dating due to busy schedule. Many people believed that the main reason was the their fans’ pressure and opposition.

Taeyeon and Baekhyun’s lovestagram

Dispatch captured photos of the couple in Taeyeon’s car


At that time, after 4 months of dating, reporters officially revealed the relationship of Nichkhun (2PM) and Tiffany (SNSD). Instead of denying the rumour, the couple’s management companies, JYP and SM quickly acknowledged. Although there were few fans disagreed with the couple, most of two group’s fans were very supportive as two of them are both good-looking and talented.

Nichkhun and Tiffany often became MCs of big events and shared the stages together.

The couple often expressed affection for each other during their relationship. Nichkhun, for instance, smiled brightly when Tiffany won the MAMA award in 2014 or he gave her a thumbs up when SNSD won a music show.

However, due to busy schedule, the couple officially ended their relationship after just over 1 year.

Although Dispatch revealed their relationship, both of them still had natural moments and showed their affection. They were also very supportive.


Yoona and Lee Seung Gi had the longest relationship among four SNSD’s members who officially confirmed their relationships. They had nearly 2 years of dating after their management companies acknowledge the rumour.

Dispatch revealed their relationship in January 2014. After that, both management companies confirmed this top couple secretly knew each other since October 2013. Lee-Yoon was one of the most beautiful couples to Korean media and especially their fans. In particular, what makes SNSD’s fans love Lee Seung Gi is his pure, kind and talented lifestyle. He’s not only good at singing, but also acting. He admited he is a big fan of Yoona, and what is happier than to be dating the “goddess” in your heart?

Lee Seung Gi once said on Strong Heart that his ideal type is Yoona

However, they broke up after one year and 9 months due to their busy schedule. Yoona hasn’t dated anyone since then. All of her fans hope that she would date her co-star Ji Chang Wook. Unfortunately, both of them denied the rumour.

There is only Sooyoung are happy with her lover, actor Jung Kyung Ho until now. Her fans are hoping for their happy ending.

(Source: Hanh Nguyen/ Compilation)


Fans of BTS, Seventeen, EXO… would be in shock if you mistake this girl with your idols …

(KPOPLINE) – Not only confusing those groups’ fans, this girl also makes them admire for her excellent makeup talent.

The  trend of makeup emulated by idols is not strange and unfamiliar, but not every makeup artist is recognized by fans, especially makeup transformation to male idols because it’s not easy to exactly emphasize small details and they need to have high skills and good observation.

Beautiful girl with the title of LUNAMOON, has made social networking community excited when transforming into Top Kpop male idols, she has collected 120,581 followers for her Youtube channel thanks to her makeup talent. If you want to learn how to makeup like idol, please refer to this girl’s videos!

1. BTS

With her makeup talent, LUNAMOON has perfectly transformed into BTS boys so fans can hardly distinguish who is really their Idol. Her make-up videos are also receiving a lot of support from BTS fans.

Can you distinguish between Jungkook and LUNAMOON?

Most of her make-up videos just revealed the eye, and making face shape contour same as the male idols is not easy

Thanks to Luna’s talented hands,she has transformed to handsome boy V (BTS)

When she transformed into Jimin (BTS) with smoky eye makeup, she received a lot of praise, because if you don’t know that is Luna, many fans will think of Jimin .

She also tried to transform into older brothers in BTS which are Jin- RM- J-Hope. in your opinion, does she look like the hyung line?

Video of Makeup as Jimin (BTS)

Video make up simulation of Jungkook (BTS) 

Video cover make up of MV “DNA” by BTS

2. Seventeen

Seventeen makeup is also covered by this beautiful girl, so many fans have to respect her particular talent.

When you want to makeup transforming into a double eyelid handsome boy as S.Coups (Seventeen), Luna often use eyelid stickers to create fake eyelids.

In addition, she also instructed makeup simulating Mingyu with sharp and unique eyes

And we can’t forget about Hoshi with cute eyes

And “prince” Vernon with deep eyes

3. EXO

In addition, she also imitated EXO guys , causing fans confuse to see her image.

 D.O. (EXO) with thick eyebrows 

Moreover, she simulates EXO’s Baekhyun in MV Monster

4. GOT7

GOT7’s Bam Bam just find out a twin brother!

Video make up simulating BamBam (GOT7) also received countless compliments because the similarities from  eyes, nose to  Bam Bam’s sexy lips 

In general, LUNAMOON succeeded in transforming into many famous idols!



Here’s Everyone That’s At Taeyang & Min Hyo Rin’s Wedding

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin are getting married right now, and here’s everyone that’s at their wedding. From YG Entertainment artists to their parents and close friends.. it’s the wedding of the century!

1. Seungri


Seungri’s Parents




3. WINNER’s Minho and Seungyoon

4. BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose


5. Tablo


6. SES’ Eugene

7. Sandara Park

8. CL

9. Cha Tae Hyun

10. B1A4’s Jinyoung

11. G-Dragon’s Parents

12. YG Dancers (Crazy girls & Hi Tech)

13. Epik High’s Jin

14. Kim Yewon (JYP Entertainment Actress)

15. Kim Bomi (Sunny)

16. Lee JiAh

17. Zion T


6 Times Perverted Fans Were Caught Doing Inappropriate Things To Female Idols

These girl groups unluckily ran into the worst male fans.

1Taeyeon’s Attempted Kidnapping

One of the most infamous incidents is when a male fan attempted to kidnap Girl’s Generation Taeyeon off stage.


Luckily, Sunny was quick to react and not let her be dragged out too far.

2Yoona Followed To Her Dorm

Yoona also had an incident with a male fan who followed her into her dorm.

Luckily, she was quick to realize the situation and confront the stalker head on.

39MUSES HyunA Caught A Fan Filming Upskirts

Another stage incident that occurred was when 9MUSES’s Hyuna caught a male fan filming them from a strange angle.

She noticed that he was holding his camera at low angle, trying to film up their skirts.

However, Hyuna was having none of that, and she confronted the fan and told him to stop immediately

4SISTAR Caught Fans Filming Upskirts

SISTAR also talked about seeing perverts in the audience, when they wore short skirts on stage. 

“I hate wearing short skirts.

When I go to performances there are people taking upskirt pictures.

There are even people trying to touch us without any sort of warning.”

– SISTAR’s Soyu

5TWICE Tzuyu Caught A Fan Filming Upskirts

Tzuyu also ran into a similar incident when male fans tried to hold their cameras at a low angle to shoot up-skirt photos of her. 

6GFRIEND Caught A Fan Secretly Filming Them

Another recent incident was when GFRIEND’s caught a male fan filming them with his glasses.

Unamused by his antics, Yerin asked the male to remove his glasses and they were later confiscated.


6 Male Idols Who Have A Crush On Red Velvet’s Seulgi

But really though, who wouldn’t have a crush on this cutie?

1Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

There were rumors of a love line between Kyuhyun and Seulgi for a long time, to the point where both idols were questioned about it on variety shows.

During one broadcast, Kyuhyun claimed he’s not attracted to mega-famous celebrities, so Krystal and Sulli jokingly said he likes trainees instead. The rumors about him and Seulgi were immediately brought up and Kyuhyun turned bright red, responding: “She’s not my girl I just want for her to debut well.” 



2BTOB’s Eunkwang

BTOB’s Eunkwang revealed that after his debut he only focused on music and hasn’t had a girlfriend since. However, when asked about the prettiest female idol member in the industry, he picked Seulgi without any hesitation.




Rapper Gray became incredibly giddy after appearing with Seulgi on Radio Star. Even his labelmates repeatedly said that he tells stories of being on the show with her all the time.


4CNBLUE’s Jonghyun

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun confessed that Red Velvet was his favorite girl group on A Song For You. Although he was a bit shy about the confession, he also admitted that he liked Seulgi the most.

5MONSTA X’s Jooheon


Fans asked Jooheon which female idol group amongst Lovelyz, Oh My Girl or Red Velvet is his favorite. He checked Red Velvet then went the extra mile to write Seulgi.

Note from fans to Jooheon


Sharp Gun, WINNER Mino’s cousin and solo rapper, has mentioned Red Velvet numerous times on Instagram. Fans also caught him liking several of Seulgi photos.


But really though, who wouldn’t have a crush on this cutie?