Before and After Debut: How do Kpop idols look like when putting on school uniforms?

(KPOPLINE) – Although many years have passed, Kpop idols still keep their youthful appearance when wearing the school uniforms

Besides the charming or sexy styles, “school uniform” is one of the most popular styles that Kpop idols choose. Some of “student” concepts appear in the popular groups’ stage like EXO, BTS, TWICE, … also attracted great attention. A few of people knew that: Beside times when these Kpop Idol perform in stage, they also used to wear school uniform while studying at school. Do you realize any difference when these Kpop Idols put on school uniform before and after becoming popular?

1. Kai – EXO

EXO’s handsome guy , Kai also made fans melt with his innocent image in “Andante“. But when puting Kai ‘s image when wearing school uniform in “Andante”  next to his actual photo in high school, we can see Kai getting more and more handsome.

With nice body, Kai is always attractive when putting on any uniform.

2. Baekhyun- EXO
Even after debuting as EXO member, he looks more masculine and attractive in school uniform.

Although Baekhyun’s hair style was a bit innocent, but we cannot deny that he was very attractive when wearing uniform

 3. Chen- EXO

Chen also impressed fanns with his school uniform. After debuting, Chen continued to show his masculine and attractive image in uniform.

 4. Sehun- EXO

‘Hot boy’ Sehun doesn’t have any change compared to his image in high school when wearing uniform. The youthful, attractive appearance are still his strengths.

5. RM – BTS

BTS leader impressed with his cool image of wearing a school uniform both before and after debut. The biggest difference between these two photos is just RM ‘s maturity with cooler and more characteristic image.

6. V- BTS

V (BTS) is also known as a pretty guy when wearing uniform, both before or after debut, he also make fangirls excited.

7. Jin – BTS

Jin owns elegant beauty when wearing school uniform before and after debut.

8. Yunho- DBSK

Since he was in school, Yunho (DBSK) was a handsome boy with perfect lines on his face. Although he has turned 30 years old but when putting on uniform, the male idol still looks really young and dynamic.

9. Jinyoung – B1A4

Compared to his image in the past, Jinyoung (B1A4) has almost no changes for appearance. He is still attractive and gentle as Kim Yoon Sung in ” Moon Light Drawn by Clouds”.

10. Kang Seung Yoon – Winner
Seung Yoon’s attractive eyes and charming lips in the past or present is still a great charming with fans. However, he looks younger than his photo while he studied at school many years ago

11. Yoona- SNSD
Yoona steal fanboy’s heart with her innocent image in school uniforms. Atter debuted and participated in show “Knowing Brother” ,she still retains her youthful look that many people admire!

12. Suzy

Suzy has stolen fanboys’ heart with school uniforms since she was a high school student. Until she acted in ‘Uncontrollably Fond’, she still rocks as a real high schooler.

13. Tzuyu- TWICE
Tzuyu did not seem to have any changes before and after debut with school uniform.

14. Jungyeon – TWICE

Jung Yeon is beautiful in her school uniform and also in a commercial photoshoot.

Kpop idols’ legendary stories at universities that you may not know

Some are famous for their outstanding academic performances, while others are known for their perfect looks.

Many idols have tried to prove that not all celebrities are not good at studying. Even so, many of them are the pride of fans and the universities they attended.

Recently, Korean netizens have summarized the legendary stories of Kpop idols at universities. These are interesting stories related to their academic results or activities at universities.

Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

He was playing game on the day before the college entrance exam and got hit. The next day, he failed his English listening section but eventually he got accepted to Kyunghee University (Top 10 university in Korea).

Ryeowook (Super Junior)

Ryeowook is considered a musical genius with his perfect voice. It took him only a few months to prepare for the entrance exam, while others took several years. Ryeowook was preparing to enter the Seoul National University with a major in classical music, but because of his job as a singer, he decided to give up.

Siwon (Super Junior)

Siwon graduated from the same university with Ryeowook. Unlike Ryeowook who regularly came to class, Siwon was too busy to attend classes at university. However, when they went to school together, Ryeowook would ignore Siwon and just talk with his own friends.

Suho (EXO)

At Korea National University of Arts – KNUA, Suho is known as “KNUA’s handsome boy”. He loves eating ddeok mandoo gook in the canteen.

Jang Suwon (Sechs Kies)

Jang Suwon, who ranked No. 1 in the search terms for his robot acting (stunted and emotionless), actually got a master degree in acting and filmmaking.

Minho (SHINee)

Mino’s brother got admitted to Seoul National University. He also got admitted to Konkuk university (One of the most prestigious universities in Korea) after his promotion for “Ring Ding Dong with SHINee.

Changmin (TVXQ)

During the graduation exam, Changmin only took 30 minutes to complete the test, and his result still ranked No.3 in the whole school. After graduating from high school, Changmin got admitted to Kyunghee University for his outstanding performance, but later he went to Konkuk University.

Yunho (TVXQ)

Yunho achieved the highest result in the graduation exam for Political Science subject. He got admitted to Kyunghee University, but later decided to move to Myongji University.

Yeeun (Wonder Girls)

Yeeun is a smart person. Because she wanted to become a singer, she left the paper blank during her entrance exam to Seoul National University. She entered the law school at Ehwa University and then moved to Kyunghee University.

Ong Sungwoo (Wanna One)

He was his school’s representative

Yoon Jisung (Wanna One)

One of his articles got 5 medals.

Hwang Minhyun (Wanna One/NU’EST)

You can see Hwang Minhyun’s photo on Inha University’s website.

Aron (NU’EST)

He was preparing to become a journalist and got admitted to New York University. But then, he left because he wanted to become a singer. When he wrote his SAT in the US, he only made 8 errors so he ranked among the top 0.5% of the test takers.

Hongbin (VIXX)

Because of some of mistakes when trying to enroll for his class, he signed up for Korean dance class.

Im Hyunsik và Lee Changsub (BTOB)

The two members were admitted to the Department of Applied Music at Howon University when the competition rate was at its peak. At that time, there were only two male students who got admitted to the department and they were Im Hyunshik and Lee Changsub.

Yoona (SNSD)

Despite her busy schedules, YoonA still took part in her university’s project.

Jin (BTS)

He got discovered by Big Hit while he was on the way to Konkuk university. His professor called him Hwaseokie! (Fossil)

Son Dongwoon (Highlight)

His geography and culture report title was “Let’s go. Geography travel.”

YoungK (DAY6)

YoungK studied Business administration at Dongguk University.

Chunji (Teen Top)

Chunji got admitted to Hanyang university (top 5 universities in Korea) when the competition was 484:1. At that time, the interviewer did not know that Chunji was an idol.

10 most memorable songs from Big Bang that we all need to remember!

Enjoy and let’s wish BIGBANG another 10 years of music making!

The boys have come a long way since then, through ups and downs, growing stronger each year. The band eventually become a legend of its own, with incredible world-wide popularity. They hold numerous records, and have one of the largest K-pop fan bases called VIPs.

In K-pop, it is very rare for a band to stay together this long, as most groups would disband after their first or second contract cycle expires.

Enjoy and let’s wish BIGBANG another 10 years of music making!


The R&B-vibe of this song is something we would nowadays associate with Taeyang‘s signature music. But BIGBANG started out like this, a hiphop-pop-R&B fusion.

2007: LIES

2007 came with a boom, worthy of the band’s name. Lies, written by leader G-Dragonbecame and incredible hit that shot the band to stardom. People wanted everything associated with them, including the triangle scarves that became a trademark clothing item for the band.


Another huge hit was Haru Haru, again, co-composed by G-Dragon and Daishi Dance. The song led various music charts for more than six weeks.

2009: GARA GARA GO!!

In 2009, the band finally debuted in Japan, and their Japanese album became Nr.3 on Oricon straight away, slowly building up an enormous fan base in the island country. So much so that, in their 2015 MADE World Tour Japanese leg, it drew an audience of more than 900,000 people. This is more than half of their whole world tour attendance of 1.5 million.


2010 brought further Japanese success and more solo projects, including T.O.P‘s full-fledged foray into acting. Tell Me Goodbye was recorded for the Japanese debut of his Korean drama, Iris. The song remains an all-time favourite of fans ever since.

2011: CAFÉ

2011 was a year of upheavals for BIGBANG. Their album titled Tonight became a huge success, and they beat Britney Spears at MTV Europe Music Awards, a feat previously unimaginable for K-pop fans. On the other hand, two members got entangled in scandals. First, G-Dragon was accused of marijuana consumption, and then Daesung got into a car accident which one person died. Both were eventually cleared of charges, and the members stuck together to support each other even more.

2012: BLUE

In 2012, they returned with an epic album, Alive; the title alluding to their survival of the previous years’ ups and downs. The songs led several charts, including Billboard’s K-pop Chart. The album debuted on the regular Billboard 200 – again, an incredible feat for a K-pop band on international waters.


2013 saw no group release from the band, instead, the members went their own ways. Seungri released Let’s Talk About Love, Daesung’s D’scover came out in Japan, Taeyang dropped Ringa Linga, while T.O.P released the eclectic Doom Dada.

2014: GOOD BOY

2014 again offered no group activites, apart from tours in Asia, but G-Dragon and Taeyang teamed up for Good Boy, made for the Youtube Music Awards. The song became an instant hit, and currently boasts more than 116 million views on YouTube.


After three long years of hiatus, the band finally returned with a series of releases over the course of four months, trying a new, innovative marketing involving the release of two songs each month. They literally slayed the charts each time, and for weeks, media and SNSes were literally blowing up with BIGBANG’s related news bits.

2016: BAE BAE

In 2016, we shall yet to see a new release from the decade old idol band. They have released a documentary movie Big Bang Made, and gear up for further surprises to commemorate the 10 years they have spent together with their fans.

Let us conclude this list with a live video, and wish all the best to BIGBANG and VIPs for the future. May the K-pop Kings reign for a long time!

Bonus 2017: LAST DANCE