We Are A Community Of A.R.M.Y Regardless Of Age-Gender


We – An united ARMY community regardless gender, skin colour, age are always support enthusiastically for BTS.

Good morning, I am Jacob, 7 years old from Los Angeles, America. Today, I go to the airport to see BTS. My all family members are BTS’s fans. I know BTS through my sister and my favourite members is RM.

“Hello, I am May, 22 years old. I know BTS through my friends and now I get hooked on their music.

Hello, we are Catherine 20. Do you know the two sides of BTS? They are very cool on the stage but they are also very sweet, warm and that is the reason why BTS is our biggest love. We know the first BTS via BANGTAN BOMB – Youtube channel of BTS.

Unbelievable, 7 people in one – I do not even believe in my own eyes. I saw how hard they tried to have the perfect performances, especially the high dance performance in “Burning“. I also regularly watch BTS over Bulletproof TV as a habit!”- Katherine said.

Nice to meet you. I am Samantha, 17 years old. I am also a big fan of BTS.

We also became interested in the BTS hip-hop dances through Youtube channels and we really appreciated BTS – “Dangerous Group” said.

Good morning, I am Angie. I am 17 years old from Pennsylvania. BTS is not just a boy band but also A.R.M.Y’s favorite idol.

Brooklyn & Bailey: “We translated Korean lyrics into English, and they have read and understood in Korean, and they replied that no problem, because that’s how we understand the different languages, your friendliness touches me.

Good morning. My name is Frank. My daughter Natasha likes BTS a lot. The first time I came to the awards (AMAs) with my daughter, I feel very happy to meet the real A.R.M.Y. They are the true fans of BTS.

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