6 Trend-Setting Idols Who Help Clothing Brands Sell Out

Whatever these idols are seen wearing immediately flies off of the shelves.

1. Apink’s Naeun

Sometimes known as the “unofficial Adidas model” for her love of wearing (and looking amazing in) Adidas leggings, Apink’s Naeun always looks incredible in whatever she is wearing. Her stunning figure and fashion sense cause the women of Korea to not only pay attention to what she’s wearing but to immediately rush to the store and buy it.




2. Bae Suzy

Known all over Korea for her beauty and her fashion sense (and, of course, her talent) Suzy, formerly of miss A has been the face of numerous brands and one of the most in-demand CF models in recent history. Naturally, when Suzy wears something, you can be sure it’s going to fly off the shelves!




3. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

G-Dragon’s fashion clout is so impressive that magazines like Vogue, and top industry designers like Karl Lagerfeld (head creative director of both Chanel and Fendi as well as his own fashion label), are well acquainted with him and his work. In fact, G-Dragon is not only stylish, he has his own fashion label, PEACEMINUSONE. No wonder whatever he wears sells out immediately in what’s called “the G-Dragon effect”.



4. Sunmi

Known for her perfect figure and impeccable taste, Sunmi is looked up to by many for her fashion sense and overall aesthetic. When you look this good in what you’re wearing, naturally people will want to emulate you!


5. BTS’s V

Sometimes called “the human Gucci” (a title he shares with #6 on this list), BTS V’s fashion clout has incredible reach not just because he’s so fashionable, but because of BTS’s global reach and devoted fans.


6. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Like V, Jennie is known as “the human Gucci” and she wears the title well. Her petite frame is perfect for modeling all the clothes she wears, so it’s hardly any wonder everyone wants to wear what Jennie is wearing.

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Idols show their sweetness to fangirls like treating their own girlfriends

(KPOPLINE) – All the hugs, fist bumping, or countless other acts have made fans wish they were the lucky ones.

In Kpop culture, fan service is a very important thing and indispensable of idol entertainment world. This is a way for them to express their love for fans, respond all supports and affections they have received over their careers. Even many famous stars treat fans like their girlfriends.

Surely many girls would like to have a boyfriend who is both handsome and know how to deliberately lose when playing rock paper scissors game as D.O. (EXO).

This girl is so lucky. She received a gentle hug by legendary leader of Kpop – G-Dragon.

Just looking at expression of Yoseob (Highlight) when hugging fans, you can understand that he loves his fans so much. 

Gong Yoo records message in fan’s phone and ends with a kiss. Early in the morning, if you are wakened by idol’s voice, you will have a day full of energy.

Although this is just a fake kiss, many people are still jealous because this girl is standing in front of Park Seo Joon with a close distance.

Hyun Bin is also very kind to fans when he wears a wreath, hugs and selfies with fangirls. Perhaps everyday, this girl will open this photo to see dozen times.

Taeyang (Big Bang) holds hands with a fangirl while playing game in fansign. It broke a lot of girls’ hearts.

V (BTS) is a sweet guy and always knows how to treat fangirls. During fan meeting, he is always ready for fans to hold his cheeks, touch his face or play with his hair. He also teases at fans. Isn’t that all fangirls in this world want?

First openly gay idol Holland drops the official MV for his ‘Neverland’ debut

Korea’s first ever openly gay idol will be debuting.

Korea’s first ever openly gay idol will be debuting.

HOLLAND has come out already as gay, and he will be debuting on January 22nd at midnight KST. When he debuts, he’ll be joining Korea’s not very large community of LGBTQ celebrities including Hong Suk Chun and Harisu.

Check out his music video above, and some more photos of him below.





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Korean stars give their honest feelings after filming 18+ scenes

Despite being professional actors, many Korean stars couldn’t feel calm when they have to film a ‘sensitive’ scene without clothes on in front of the staffs.

At first glance, no one can understands actors’ feeling after filming sensitive scenes. However, after you know about the artists’ real confession about this, you will definitely have to respect these actors‘ sacrifice for their job.

Park Si Yeon

Park Si Yeon has spent some difficult moments when filming a bed scene with No Min Woo in“The Greatest Marriage”. At a press conference, Park Si Yeon said: She had to act this sensitive scene in the early days of filming.

Park Si Yeon in a sensitive scene with No Min Woo

Park Si Yeon said: “Although that is a hot scene when I had to show off my body but it was very boring and weird because No Min Woo and I had just met. We had to retake that scene several times.”

However, there is a reason why 36-year-old beautiul actress feel satisfied despite filminng sensitive scenes with a stranger.

“When we retake this scene for the second time, we really got to know each other better. So, both of us feel more comfortable and fimling the scene is even more reckless than originally planned ” Park Si Yeon humorously shared.” Then, our director also said that he had to cut off a few part”.

Kim Moo Yeol

Kim Moo Yeol film the sensitive scene when he was just getting married 

Not only the actresses feel awkward about the sensitive scene, male actor Kim Moo Yeol also experienced the  embarrassing feeling  when challenging on this kind of scene.

In the movie, Kim Moo Yeol plays a professor who falls in love with a 17-year-old girl. The 33-year-old male actor admitted that it was extremely difficult for him to get into a sensive scene when he had just got married.

Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won declared to stay away from the sensitive scene

Cha Seung Won doesn’t like the sensitive scene and used to say he would never act that kind of movie. Marriage life is the reason why Cha Seung Won has that choice.

“In fact, being married has a large impact on my decision. In additions, I also feel uncomfortable with that scene.” Cha Seung Won shared his opinion on hot scenes.

Lee Sun Kyun

Lee Sun Kyun doesn’t like filming sensitive scene after getting married 

” Miss Korea”‘s main actor also has the same opinion with Cha Seung Won.

Lee Sun Kyun shared:” I feel uncomfortable with sensitive scene after getting married. It’s very different. And just a little awkward moment can make me hard to focus on acting.”

Jung So Min

Jung So Min’s parents were angry with her sensitive scene.

Another stars make parent upset for sensitive scene, she is Jung So Min. The 26-year-old actress revealed that her parents were so angry that they did not talk to her because of her scene in “Can we get married?” in 2012.

“Straight conversations, getting into bed and kissing scene make me feel a bit awkward. But when we actually shot those scenes, everything was fine.

However, when I was watching this movie at home with my parents, I was extremely embarrassed. My parents became silent at that time, “Jung So Min still feels embarrassed when she remembered about that moment.

Ji Sung – Working hard for hot scene

Last year, Ji Sung has a movie 18+ “My P.S Partner” partnered with  Kim Ah Jung. The film talk about some couples who love each other through sex calls. In movie have a lot of Ji Sung and Kim Ah Jung’s reckless scenes . When asked about this, he said that he was tired of filming: “Because I think the acting is an art , so I should follow the script. But to act on this sensitive scene is really hard. I worked so hard  for 2 days. Then, I feel so tired. “

Lee Sun Gyun – After getting married, sensitive scene is more difficult.

The hit movie “Helpless” is a mysterious horror movie, but it contains lots of Lee Sun Gyun and Kim Min Hee ‘s hot scenes. When Lee Sun Gyun just got married , he said: “Filming the hot scene after getting married makes me feel uncomfortable.” When asked about the difference before and after getting married, the actor said, “It is really different. I feel more anxious and have to try to concentrate.”

Kim Hyung Jun: Idol acted sensitive scenes

Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) made fans surprise when he changed his image to a matured role in a KBS drama’s “She’s Completed Insane” last year. His role in movie is the arrogant star Kangmin, although not too “reckless” but this scene shows two characters’s close atmosphere.

Lee Jang Woo: 

MBC drama ‘I Do I Do‘ talk about a love story between an older lady and a young man. Since  the first episode, this drama has appeared the hot scenes but a few people know that: when broadcasting, that scenes has been changed. Lee Jang Woo revealed: “In the script, the bed scene is extremely simple. So, when I talked with Sun Ah and the director, we realized the importance of this scene and compared to what everyone’s opinion about this hot scene in other films, we found that it was too simple. Then, a lot of dialogue and situations are created while shooting. We have done very differently than what was written in the script. “

Lee Byung Hun: Filming sensitive scene with director ‘s wife

In the movie “I Come With the Rain,” actor Lee Byung Hun combine with Chen Yi, the movie director’s wife . This is such an unique experience for the Korean actor in his career. Lee Byung Hun shared, “There was another woman in the studio at the time. The director is watching closely, so it feels funny. ” Lee Byung Hun affirmed the hot scene ‘s difficulty: “I had to act in that scene for a minute and then cut it down to only 5 seconds.”

Lee Dong Wook: Embarassed to tell to his parents

When he was MC  in talkshow Strong Heart ,Lee Dong Wook said that: He was not worried about filming the hot scene more than facing with his parents when they asked about that. Dong Wook gave a example : After he had a hot scene with actress Oh Yeon Soo in Sweet Life. “My father used to ask me a lot about the love scenes that I had played before, but this time he was very quiet,” Dong Wook said.