10 Korean female stars own the “strange” beauty even fangirls also must be crazy

The “sexy” appearance is not enough, the confidence and attractive look are the attraction of these 10 female idols.

Beyond the “standard” of beauty in Korea, these female idols will show you a completely different image. 10 female idols own 10 beauties and different personalities. Some of them like sexy style, some like cool beauty and others like rebellious style. However, their common thing is the spirit of self-confidence and irresistible charm.

Yu Bin (Wonder Girls)

Yu Bin is a talented and humorous rapper. Yu Bin owns the “fiery” body and the seductive brown skin. She is one of the sexiest female idols in K-pop. Compared with many other female idols with the cute and naive beauty, Yu Bin asserted heself with  sharp lines on her body and especially the healthy beauty.

The fresh beauty of Yu Bin makes even fangirls also have to charmed.

The hot body of Yu Bin is always the desire of many girls.

Seul Gi (Red Velvet)

At first glance, Seul Gi is quite an unsociable person with the “cold” single eyelids. However, when Seul Gi smiles, all the distances are gone. Her lovely eyes makes everyone also happy.

Her eyes is as “cold” as ice but extremely absorbed.

Her “smiley eyes” give a completely different sense. When smiling, she is much more cute and cheerful.

Go Jun Hee

The actress of She Was Pretty – her real name is Kim Eun Joo. Go Jun Hee is 32 years old, but she is always considered as a model of modern fashion of Korean entertainment. With “perfect” body and youthful face, Go Jun Hee always leave a strong impression on the opposite person with fashion trends and her personality. People can see an incredible confidence and charm at Go Jun Hee. Many girls desire to have a body and maners like her.

Go Jun Hee is so cool and highlighted with short hair.

She pursues a seductive image but still strong and rebellious.

Kang So Ra

Kang So Ra is one of the person who has the most “flawless” legs of Kbiz, the ex-girlfriend of the actor Hyun Bin always makes fans fascinated with sexy outfits, showing her beautiful S shape. She has not only “perfect” appearance but also elegant face and charming lips also help her attract more.

Kang Sora is so attractive with her elegant beauty, charming and flawless legs.

The physique of Kang So Ra has never been out of any Korean charts.

TaeTiSeo (SNSD)

Three talented girls of SNSD Tae Yeon, Tiffany and Seo Hyun are in small group TaeTiSeo. They are a perfect combination of “perfect” girls. Three people possess three different beauties. If Tae Yeon is pure and innocent, Tiffany is sweet but sensual and Seo Hyun is very noble, gentle and girly.

Three beautiful and talented girls of SNSD are considered as the perfect combination from appearance to vocal.

Moon Byul (MAMAMOO)

Moon Byul is famous for her “non-sex” beauty when it comes to combining the sexy and manly looks of both male singers Xiu Min (EXO) and Min Hyuk (BTOB). Moon Byul is also loved by her fashion style and slim body, especially the cool face.

The waist of Moon Byul is slim and tightened makes many female fans jealous.

The sexless and attractive beauty of MAMAMOO member.


Like Seul Gi, Krystal has been involved in many scandals because of her arrogant and cold appearance. However, few people know that she has a pure and lovely soul, especially she is always shy to strangers.

Many female fans want to learn the arrogant look of Krystal.

However this manner is not easy to copy.

Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung owns a pretty face and long straight legs. She has an open – minded fashion style, makes the “weightlifting peri” Lee Sung Kyung is always prominent. Not only impressed with her appearance, she was also appreciated by acting talent and singing.

With cool face and “multiform”  eyes expression, Lee Sung Kyung always complete the role from the arrogant princess to the lovely weightlifting.

The perfect body of Sungkyung makes many fans have to “fall down”.

Yoo In Young

Yoo In Young has been a model, it is no strange that this actress has “perfect” body. The charm of Yoo In Young did not stop there. With beautiful face and attractive maners, she has become one of the “hot” actress on the Korean screen. Although she always plays villainous characters or tragic fate, she is still loved because of her acting talent as well as beautiful looks.

Yoo In Young, the actress always plays the villain character or tragic fate.

Although she always plays villain, she is still loved.

Lee Hyo Ri

Although Lee Hyo Ri has got married, she is always considered as a “glamorous queen” in the Korean entertainment industry. With healthy brown skin and “perfect” body, she has become a pioneer for “girl crush” trend of Korean. Not only fanboys, Lee Hyori is also fondly admired and loved by fangirls because of her beautiful appearance and her simple life style.

Lee Hyo Ri, the “sexy queen” of Kbiz is never faded.

The tan skin is an advantage for her to show off all the charm.

She has not only sexy appearance but also “sunshine” smile makes many fanboys charmed.

The “perfect” beauty of “fairy” is always on the top of the most beautiful body in Korean.

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“Hwayugi” Sets New Personal Best In Viewership Ratings With Latest Episode

“Hwayugi” hit its highest viewership ratings so far with the latest episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, episode 5 of “Hwayugi” that aired on January 13 recorded an average of 6.1 percent viewership ratings, resetting the drama’s highest record. Previous episodes had shown the ratings slowly increasing with episode 4 hitting 6.06 percent. Episode 5 recorded an average that slightly passed 6.1 percent and claimed the first place in ratings among dramas airing in the same time slot.

“Hwayugi” was found to be even more popular in the capital area with an average viewership rating of 6.5 percent. Breaking down viewership in the capital area, women in their 40s proved to love the drama as they recorded an average of 10.8 percent.


Episode 5 of “Hwayugi” featured a fierce battle between Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) and Woo Ma Wang (Cha Seung Won). Son Oh Gong and Sam Jang (Oh Yeon Seo)’s relationship became even more complicated as the two were forced to be around each other, but Sam Jang refused to open up to Son Oh Gong.

To get back at Woo Ma Wang for causing all this pain, Son Oh Gong pretended to praise Woo Ma Wang before handing him a celebratory glass of wine. It was soon revealed that the wine contained Sam Jang’s blood, awakening the demon instincts in Woo Ma Wang. Woo Ma Wang thrashed in anger as Son Oh Gong watched him struggle with a smile.

“Hwayugi” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 p.m. KST. Begin watching the drama below!

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Hong Suk Chun declares his love for BTS and Wanna One

PV, 15-01-2018
Hong Suk Chun declared his love for BTS and Wanna One on ‘Knowing Brothers’.

The gay TV personality was a guest on the January 13th episode of the show, where he revealed, “When girl groups guest on this show, I would watch SBS‘ ‘Band of Sisters‘ instead.” He definitely tuned it when a boy group appeared, however, as Hong Suk Chun said of BTS, Jimin was acting so cute that I couldn’t change the channel. I love you, BTS,” throwing a wink.He further shared he was a huge fan of Wanna One and would gladly see them as guests on any TV show for sure. Hong Suk Chun also avoided fellow guest Jang Suh Hee, saying, “I’d act the same even if Kim Hee Sun was next to me.”


Park Bo Gum to appear as a special part-timer on ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast’ season 2!

On January 13, a representative from JTBC confirmed that actor Park Bo Gum will be appearing as a special part-timer for ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast’ season 2!

On January 13, a representative from JTBC confirmed that actor Park Bo Gum will be appearing as a special part-timer for ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast‘ season 2!

The JTBC rep stated, “Park Bo Gum will appear as a short-term part-timer on ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast 2’. He begins filming on January 13, for 3 days total.” Previously, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA was cast as the main part-timer to assist the Lee Hyori & Lee Sang Soon couple for the homestay show. Just one more reason you have to watch ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast 2’! It’s set to air on JTBC some time in early 2018.