10 Idols Who Openly Talked About Watching Pornography


1.Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

When asked if he watches pornography, Eunhyuk admitted that he has, but claimed that he quit in 9th grade.

2SHINee’s Taemin

During a radio show, the SHINee members revealed that they actually watch porn together and added that while Taemin was a bit reserved at first, he’s now the first one to look.

3BIGBANG’s Seungri

G-Dragon exposed Seungri’s browsing history on a talk show, explaining that they once checked Seungri’s laptop and found pornographic videos featuring some “blonde ladies.”

4TVXQ’s Changmin

He once admitted during a recording that he was among the majority of adults in the world and has watched porn before and started talking about his personal preferences. Unfortunately for Changmin, it turned out his mom was in the studio during the recording, making for quite an awkward situation.

5UKISS’s Soohyun

Fellow members Kevin and Kiseop once opened Soohyun’s laptop, and right on the screen was some porn! Even after hearing the awkward story told on a variety show, Soohyun didn’t seem very affected and even made a joke of it!


During an episode of Happy Together, T-ARA’s Hyomin explained that the members once watched a Japanese pornographic film together. Although she didn’t remember the name of the movie, she explained  that the girls decided to watch the movie to expose themselves more things.

7Highlight’s Dongwoon

Dongwoon accidentally admitted that he watched pornography and tried to make things less awkward by revealing that fellow member Kikwang did too!


IU openly admitted to watching porn during a broadcast. She event went on to talk about how she was disappointed with the storyline.


Not only does he watch porn, RM reportedly has a secret porn stash! When he was asked about his first time watching porn, he couldn’t answer and just started blushing.


During JTBC talk show 99 Meeting, Kwanghee explained that every man watches porn, adding that he watched some every two days.


This Latest Food Trend In Korea Uniquely Combines Chicken And Rice, and it just saved 2018

Step aside artists,  this is the greatest collab of 2018.

When it comes to South Korean food trends, it’s all about the ‘match made in heaven’ like honey butter chips, chicken & beer, and sweet potato lattes.

But this new “Match Made in Heaven” food trend has found explosive popularity in South Korea.

Fried rice. Stuffed. Chicken wings.


Meet this street food from Shifen, Taiwan that’s got netizens ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ-ing all over the place.

“Hul, where do they sell this???” 

“Isn’t this sold in Taiwan…? It was so good” 

“Do they not have this Korea? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ” 

“They sell this at the Hanok Village in Jeonju~~” 

Step aside artists,  this is the greatest collab of 2018.

TWICE Chaeyoung Is Basically Jeongyeon’s Sasaeng And Here’s Proof

Meet TWICE‘s Chaeyoung, who’s been endearingly dubbed the “ultimate sasaeng”fan for fellow group member Jeongyeon!

The title is obviously a joke because of how close the two members are. Known as the “No Jam” brothers because no one laughs at their “funny” jokes. They’re often lost in their own world.

Like every sasaeng, or “obsessed fan”, she follows Jeongyeon everywhere.

But it’s mostly Chaeyoung who holds onto Jeongyeon like her life depends on it.

And she even gets jealous when their other group members get close to Jeongyeon!

Momo in particular.

Chaeyoung really is obsessed with Jeongyeon.

But it’s not like Jeongyeon is against it at all!

They seem to have a lot of fun together.

So by literal definition, Chaeyoung might qualify as an “obsessed fan” of Jeongyeon, but only in the best way possible!